Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Around the farm

We always have a batch of new chicks hatching on the farm here, so I thought I would post a few of those pics for you all to see :)
most of the chickens were using just one nest  for about 2 weeks, the  ding bats, and only 2 chickens were  sitting there,  pecking off anyone else who wanted to sit, but when their backs were turned, in walked someone else and laid an egg, lol
Just a few of the babies we hatched, we will have a good 45 in the  chick run by the end of this April, 2010, they will all end up in the freezer at some point, lol, next summer we will start hatching to replace some of our  reds for laying for the following summer :)

Here is the little cat face who likes to help me  block doilies, lol, tell me this is innocence incarnate?  Yesssssss, innocent when sleeping..

Here is  Cleo, lol, just one of my  babies...

My big buck, Commando, he will make many strong babies!

He now has a long beard and a beautiful stance,
and his horns are starting to curl back :D he is a beautiful buck!

                                               and here is Red, he is now a wither
                        which means, no babies for him, lol, he is company

                      for Commando when he has to be separated form
                     the girlies.

 OK, more pictures to come at a later date,  hope you enjoyed these so far :)

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  1. Hello Willow! long time no see! Hope all is well with you



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