Thursday, December 12, 2013


I belong to a group that does Zentangle swaps, and I have some ACT's ready to go, and am working on some bookmarks, thought I would share them with you :)

The following are the  ACT's or artist trading cards...

The following is a book mark already made for a friend,

And this sheet will be filled in, colored and then cut up into bookmarks for the swap :)

Happy Holiday Crafting  Everyone, Bri.

Knitting for christmas

I have been doing some knitting and other things for
some Christmas presents... kids needed winter hats.  I had several to make, and here are the first 3... I already gave one to my sister, so I don't have a picture of it.

I am working on a purple sparkly one now, and then have a couple more to do, thankfully they don't take long to whip up :)

Happy Holiday Crafting to everyone, Bri.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Been a While

It has been a busy fall, and I haven't been tatting, but we have been busy recently making ornaments for the tree.

Most of you may know that we always make ornaments for the tree each year, and some to give to family and friends, and this year is no different. here are the news ones for this year, and I wanted to share with you.

The eggs are from eggs laid by our own chickens we hand raised from our own home grown 3rd generation a couple years ago, before we lost our whole flock to wild dogs. So, this batch is a little special to me. They are all hand blown and hand painted

The Plastic ornaments are hand painted and left over from some project years ago, I can't even remember what, and thought they would be fun to give out to friends with more "traditional" trees. Our trees are more Nature themed and Solstice themed. My granddaughter did however decorate 3 of the plastic ornaments with feathers and such, and we will be hanging those on the tree

I still have tatting to do, I have someone who asked specifically for some tatting, so I am going to get busy on that this next week :)

I hope you enjoy the pictures

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Alright, what do I get when I cross my 
granddaughter with one of those drumstick
ice cream cones? You know, the ice cream cones 
with the nuts and chocolate on top?

I get a messy sloppy hug from an apparently clean 
little girl, that results in a shirt full of 
chocolate and peanuts!

color me pfft...
it wasn't on her face or in her hair BEFORE
the hug, but it sure as crap was all over 
my shirt AFTER the hug!

she looked at me like, wow, how did that get there, lol
big round eyes, lmao

I wish I  had gotten a picture of it.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

5 year olds are fun!

Well, I wish I could say I have been able to do a lot of tatting again, but the fact remains that my wrists are still so bad  can't do much of any one activity for too long or my fingers go to sleep and my entire arms start to hurt.  Next week I am headed to a doctor that is doing an electro-something -  something test, where they put these needles in my arm muscles to find out just how the arm energy is being transmitted and how much, to find out if I have nerve damage, if it can be fixed, iif it is part of something else, etc.  

On that note though, I DO have several projects going on, since I can't do one thing too long, I have several things  going on at once, I am working on a scarf for a friend, that is my knitting, I am working on a twin size scrap yarn blanket, that is my crochet, I have been drawing and painting a bit (that I can only spend an hour or 2 doing and I have to put it up for days) and I have been writing daily in a journal (I write for about 5 to 10 min a day) and lastly, I have 2 tatting projects going on, I have one snowflake I am working on and one hankie I am putting a border on.

The title of this post is 5 year olds are fun, and that is definitely true, and they are busy busy busy! We have play time, and room cleaning, and questions to answer, and ballet, cousins to see, pools to play in, lots and lots of food to eat, more play time, (unfortunately doctors to see) (and people to protect from) more food, more play time, more cousins to visit,  more play time......

I am telling you, I am tired!   
 no idea where we are going, could be anywhere, lol


Twirling at the park

Found a Box turtle on the highway, thought 
we would rescue him and set him free in a field :D

Ballet, her favorite past time, she wants
to be on "so you think you can dance" 
one day :)

 And for the last image, a picture I have finished, not sure whose home it is going to yet, but it is watercolor and pen.  I have started another one, but I can only work for a little bit at a time. 

 Have a wonderful day, and happy Tatting, Knitting, Painting, Crafting and Plain 'Ole Living!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thank You everyone

Thank you everyone for being so supportive :).  it really is nice to see such a wonderful community with so may friends I have made online. 

I still haven't been able to tat or knit yet, my wrists are still sore, but I have been doing some painting and cute things for my granddaughter.  I have to take pictures of the paintings I did for here, but here is one I just finished for her cousin's birthday this last weekend.  They are really close, and her cousin turned 9.  This  was done for her bedroom wall :) she really liked it.

Happy Living to everyone!

Monday, April 29, 2013

I am here...

Hello all, I am here, sorry I have been out of action for the last month and half,
I have been sick, things are better now and I am hoping to do some posting, hopefully some tatting,
anyone who feels the need can email me for more info, I am not going to blast it in the journal here. 

Suffice to say it has to do with the Lupus  and Sjogrens disease that I am having problems with.

I still have a book to mail out, and I have great apologies for that, my husband didn't know who to send it to, and he did not get into my account. He was worried about other things.  I will have that out immediately.  I sincerely apologize to everyone on the list behind me.

I am hoping to be on the computer regularly again, but for now, I must go, it is painful typing.  Hugs friends, and hope someone checks in :)


Saturday, March 2, 2013

I open my eyes, another dream is over, another day begins, I still have a cold, I still have a house to clean, and the news comes on tv. In my head I hear an Arnold Schwartzeneger voice saying, "I am not a dictator" mocking the 'president' and hoping my husband has a job at the end of the month. I take a deep breath and let it out long and slow, a sigh, yes, that is what it is, a sigh.... My granddaughter is playing in the bath tub, happy and singing, playing with her bubbles, blissfully unaware of any adult things going on, as it should be. At-least the wind isn't blowing, and the sun is shining... for now.
I haven't done any tatting, but I have been knitting a little bit, My Sjogrens is progressing and I ham having some trouble with  the tendons in my right hand.  I should be back to tatting soon, and I have a project in mind :)
Sorry there are no pictures to post this round, Just dropping in to say hi and keep up all the wonderful work, I love to read all of your wonderful journals and blogs! 
Happy creative art!   Bri.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Snowflake done in Lizbeth size 20, snow white, with pinkish red beads , and a star with pretty purple beads done in same thread :)

 Happy Tatting :)  Bri.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Well, I am still here :)  I haven't tatted much in the last 3 weeks, I have been very ill between fibro and Lupus, but it is starting to ease up a bit now, and when I a not taking care of our granddaughter, I am resting and trying to take it easy.  Unfortunately, I haven't felt like tatting, as it really takes  a tole the muscles with the small  repetitive  movements.  Glad to report that this wave seems to be subsiding :D   I did manage to get 2 smaller snowflakes out, and last weekend we walked through our small zoo with the T.  

These are in size 20, Lizbeth snow white, and the little beads are just seed beads I picked up... the beads on the right are slightly darker than the beads on the left, though I don't think they really show that in the picture.  

Here are a couple pictures of the T and grandpa when we went to the zoo last weekend :) thankfully it was a nice day .

  What a handsome man!
 Such a pretty little girl!  She was done with the zoo in about half an hour, lol, we need to go see only the animals she likes and be done next time, she doesn't care for them all like I did when I was little :D

Happy tatting until next time :X


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