Thursday, June 20, 2013


Alright, what do I get when I cross my 
granddaughter with one of those drumstick
ice cream cones? You know, the ice cream cones 
with the nuts and chocolate on top?

I get a messy sloppy hug from an apparently clean 
little girl, that results in a shirt full of 
chocolate and peanuts!

color me pfft...
it wasn't on her face or in her hair BEFORE
the hug, but it sure as crap was all over 
my shirt AFTER the hug!

she looked at me like, wow, how did that get there, lol
big round eyes, lmao

I wish I  had gotten a picture of it.


  1. I can picture it, that's what's grandmas are for to wipe your face in, I don't think this new generation will ever take to using a hanky.

  2. I can see it and the smile on your face too!


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