Tuesday, June 18, 2013

5 year olds are fun!

Well, I wish I could say I have been able to do a lot of tatting again, but the fact remains that my wrists are still so bad  can't do much of any one activity for too long or my fingers go to sleep and my entire arms start to hurt.  Next week I am headed to a doctor that is doing an electro-something -  something test, where they put these needles in my arm muscles to find out just how the arm energy is being transmitted and how much, to find out if I have nerve damage, if it can be fixed, iif it is part of something else, etc.  

On that note though, I DO have several projects going on, since I can't do one thing too long, I have several things  going on at once, I am working on a scarf for a friend, that is my knitting, I am working on a twin size scrap yarn blanket, that is my crochet, I have been drawing and painting a bit (that I can only spend an hour or 2 doing and I have to put it up for days) and I have been writing daily in a journal (I write for about 5 to 10 min a day) and lastly, I have 2 tatting projects going on, I have one snowflake I am working on and one hankie I am putting a border on.

The title of this post is 5 year olds are fun, and that is definitely true, and they are busy busy busy! We have play time, and room cleaning, and questions to answer, and ballet, cousins to see, pools to play in, lots and lots of food to eat, more play time, (unfortunately doctors to see) (and people to protect from) more food, more play time, more cousins to visit,  more play time......

I am telling you, I am tired!   
 no idea where we are going, could be anywhere, lol


Twirling at the park

Found a Box turtle on the highway, thought 
we would rescue him and set him free in a field :D

Ballet, her favorite past time, she wants
to be on "so you think you can dance" 
one day :)

 And for the last image, a picture I have finished, not sure whose home it is going to yet, but it is watercolor and pen.  I have started another one, but I can only work for a little bit at a time. 

 Have a wonderful day, and happy Tatting, Knitting, Painting, Crafting and Plain 'Ole Living!



  1. I liked your last line best...plain ole living...reminds me that life is still good wether I get to spend my day as I would like (creating something, anything) or not :-)

  2. I hope your tests go well!

    I love her beanie boo! That's Pepper, right? We have a vast collection of the Boos. :o)


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