Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hand-Dyed Pineapple

     This is my own pattern, and it is similar to the pink one previously posted, except here I have done it in  an ecru cotton,  and I  hand dyed the leaves and the pineapple motifs.  I am  making another one similar, with a different center motif for the county fair this year.  And, yet another one with  one more center for a good friend who has requested one.

  I have plans for a couple more with different colored leaves and pineapples... I was playing around in paint and accidentally inverted the colors, the  ecru was black, and the pineapples were bright blue, the leaves were bright blue on the tips and they faded quickly to a periwinkle blue. it was stunning, and I am looking forward to making one in these colors. 

      But, for now, here is the first one using  the hand dying, and I am very happy with how it turned out :)  (the colors are a bit more vibrant than they show up in the picture, but they are quite earthy, they were done that way on purpose).


  1. what kind of content is the fabric in the yarn ?

  2. This is 100% cotton. Normally when I do a doily like this I use 100% cotton. When I make wearable items, I will use different materials, depending on the garment weight and purpose.


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