Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2009 county fair entries, crochet and small tote

These are the 2 entries  that won 2nd place at the county fair,a little tote bag  that is  5 x 7 and  muslin inside, and has my name  hand embroidered  on the inside.  It is completely hand sewn... I found  several scraps of wonderful tapestry and couldn't pass them up. I use this little bag for  tiny projects like a ball of thread and my tatting shuttles when we  have to go on those 4 hour trips to the doctors in AlberQ, lol.  I don't a current pic of it, the one I had is corruped, but I will take another picture of it and post soon.
This picture however  is of a cotton doily I made, larger than 12 inches, and is  an off white color, very pretty sitting on my dark wood table, the one that beat me out, was much lacier, I will  make a prettier one this year...

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