Thursday, April 8, 2010

New babies on the farm!!

Here are the pics of the new babies I promised :) 
the one on the outside of the fence is Edgar, he was born about 2 weeks ago and is bouncing around wonderfully, the one on the inside of the fence is Whisper, she came in so quietly, and was born yesterday.  We weren't expecting her for another 2 weeks,  and her birth was so quiet, lol, her mom didn't show signs of being ready either, they are so precious!


Another shot of Edgar, lol, he is so bouncy he cracks me up!

Here is Miya, the baby llama, she was born Feb 1st and was
a surprise to everyone, we didn't  know her mom was preggers!

And here she is with her mom, Baby...
lol, she was already named when we got her.

And the last baby to join the family, is our little puppy Bell, a white German Shepherd pup.
She joined us about 2 days before the newest baby goat, Whisper, got here, lol, we are full of
babies now, and the first chicks are due in 5 days :) lots of life   around our house , it is never a dull moment :D


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