Monday, May 3, 2010

Tatting Finished

Well, I finished the tatting,
I really like the way it turned
out and I think I am going to
not add any more to it, but I
do need to run a little bit of
the steam iron over it, adjust
some of my little knots and
pecots, lol, but here it is, finished
except for a little wrinkle control :)



  1. Oh Bri, Girl. Its lovely. I haven't tried tatting, but have been fascinated by instructional vids on youtube. i get the same way when watching someone spin, My hypnotic crafters daze. I'll be sure to try my hand at it!

  2. Ty sweetie, I see all the mistakes, it has been a while since I tatted, and my hands are quite sore more often than they used to be, lol, but it did turn out better than I thought :)

  3. it turned out really nice


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