Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fair Entry?

I am working on an embroidery piece, and wondering if it will be done in time for the county fair this year... if so, this is what I am entering :D it will have a dark background mounted behind it and I am edging it with either a crochet or tatted lace edge :) can't decide if I will leave it out as a piece I will actually use, or mount it and hang it on the wall as a picture. but here it is, I still have a long way to go, lots of work :D lots of shading and detailing to go on it...

This is the area I am working on now, you can see there is a lot of highlighting and shading to go on after the initial base color is laid down, and I still have quite a bit of that to finish up.

Here is a close up of the 3 wild roses at the bottom, you can see they are nearly finished I have some touch up in the leaves to do still  and a little in the roses themselves but not much

and here is the whole picture so far, the butterfly still needs a lot of work and it will have to be hand washed, and pressed or blocked, not sure yet,  I will have to decide just which way to sign it, by stitch, label or by quilters pen... decisions decisions :D

But if I get it completed, this is what I want to enter into the county fair this year, however, it isn't looking likely, the fair is 3 weeks away and I have a lot left to do, keep my fingers crossed for no sick days and I can do it :D
Hope you enjoyed the pictures :)


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