Monday, October 18, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend :)

     This weekend was a really good weekend health wise :) I experimented with my very own HDT's and got just the exact colors I was looking for! now I will have to see how they tat up.  I wanted earthy more muted colors, not quite so bright, so I started with  ecru instead of a bright white cotton and yes! exact results I wanted.     
      I thought this would work, from the experience I have had in hand dying crochet snowflakes,  I have done both white and ecru, and done many dye jobs on many different types of materials for many years, with literally oodles of dyes, both natural and man made.

     I am going to test some dyes out on other  threads, such as, I am going to take one of the lizbeth lime greens I dearly love, and fade the green to a dark green, I don't want  any white or ecru, just that chartreuse-ish to dark  variegated thread, and I would love to have that for a project.

  The HDT's above are 100% cotton size 20, and I love the 
way they came out, I haven't  used them  in my tatting yet,
but I will let you know how they tat up when I do.  

The colors shown here, at least on my computer screen, are pretty accurate :)   

Happy Tatting, 




  1. I love your colors! :)
    I can't wait to see what you tat up with them! :)


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