Friday, November 12, 2010


     Thank You everyone for being so understanding and so thoughtful with your well wishes! it truly touches and warms my heart.  I am home for 2 days, it is Friday night and I am going back Sunday morning.  My mom has someone staying with her until then.     

     She isn't in such good shape, she did indeed have a heart attack, and her lungs did fill up with fluid, we got her to the hospital while she was having the heart attack, but we got her therefore it turned into one that would kill her.  However, she did have quadruple and multiple bypass.
     All 4 arteries of the heart had bypass and in a couple spots on  a couple of them.  She went into the Hospital with a 3 lead pacemaker already in place from 2 years ago and several stints already located through her heart.  When she arrived in surgery Wednesday morning early, the Specialist said her heart was working at only 45% capacity, and same for Thursday afternoon when he checked her again. When he checked her again early Friday morning he said her heart was only working at 30% capacity and he is hoping to either keep it at that or get it back up to 45%.

She has not come out of the anesthesia and after sedation very well, it has been 2 days since the surgery and my mom is behaving as if she has had a stroke. she can't hardly move her limbs without help, she slurs all her words, can't remember much of anything without prompting, and things she does remember is often jumbled with other things.  The doctors aren't sure yet if this is caused by the medication, a residual of the sedation, small stroke, or something yet not found.  She had a CAT right before I had to go, but news should come in soon.

Again, ty for all of your well wishes, and I will let you have an update next week when I get back.



  1. Bree, We are holding you in or thoughts and prayers during these difficult times.


  2. So sorry Bree! My heart goes out to you.

    I truly wish that your mom will recover soon.

  3. Best Wishes - take care of what's important!

  4. wish your mother all the very very best..

  5. you and your mother remain in my thoughts and prayers

  6. My thoughts and prays go out you and your family. Cecilia


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