Sunday, December 12, 2010

Motif # 13 and paintings

Well I have been doing a little tatting but also some painting, I wanted new pictures throughout the house, but i refuse to pay the prices they ask in the department stores, besides, this way I can get exactly what I want for which room and it goes with  what we have :)

This first piece of tatting is a small piece of edging, I found on the net, I have to look up where i found it, but I did only one and a half repeats,  Lizbeth size 20,  I left it small because it is going on a miniature stocking.  I have a much larger piece with 3 full repeats, that is going on a larger table runner, done in ecru size 10, if I get back to it, I have put it down and haven't finished it.......

Here are the paintings I did, I have one more in the set, same color theme, but the flower will be different.  It will be another small one with a single flower.  I hope you enjoy. 

this one is called  "Softness" and is the small one, 9x12

and this one is called "Indian Summer" and is 12 x 14


  1. You are so multi-talented! Your paintings are beautiful!

  2. Bree,
    Your tatting is wonderful. When you are to finish the runner, it will happen. Love your pantings. You are right about if you do it you get it how you want & save money too. Which isn't a bad thing either. As good as you paint, I don't know why you would need to buy any painting.

  3. Great paintings! I love the "incomplete" edging. It's perfect!

  4. ty so much all:D I planned on framing them when I get the set done, but now I will have to take another look at them and see just what i think about them unframed, lol

  5. oh, and though you can't see it as much on the smaller one, both are textured with blobs, you can see the big rough patches on the larger painting, the smaller one has them too, I did that on purpose, there are several in there, I did it specifically for the texture in the painting. :)

  6. You are a very talented lady! Compliments! You are right: if you can paint such gorgeous paintings yourself, why buy? Your tatting work is of a high standard too, very regular stitches!

  7. Gorgeous paintings, why buy when you can do such wonderful pictures in the colours to match your rooms. Lovely motif, what are you going to do with it.

  8. I am putting it on a miniature stocking :)


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