Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yeay, got a camera!

Ok, I still haven't found my camera, but I am using hubbies :D

Just a bit of something odd and funny, before I show you my tatting.   remember on Sesseme (sp) Street  that song, one of these things isn't like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong... well, I was out collecting eggs, only got 3 today, it has been too cold for many eggs, and well, lets just say, can you spot which one of these isn't like the others?

Yes, that is right, a shell-less egg... the membrane is strong enough to pick it up and hold without breaking it, lol, but there is no yolk or anything, isn't that the oddest thing? Normally these come from new layers, but all our layers are established... someone is having a bad day.....

I am working on an Angels in the Snow, but my first one done in jellybean and hot pink, I messed up because I was paying too much attention to "Law and Order"... so I started over in light pink and mocha, the light brown, this will be motif number 21 when I am done, and I will post the finished pretty when it is completed, but here is the progress so far, just started this-morning"

Motif #14, is a Holiday Stumpy, one of two holiday bookmarks I did... sorry for the color quality, I am not used to my hubbies camera.  Christmas red and green Lizbeth size 20, little silver size 12 beads.

Motif  #15 is two of two holiday bookmarks, and I took it in 2 pics to get the tail in the shot also. Lizbeth size 20, forgot the color name but it is that nice sage green, and it has iridescent red size 11 beads.  Both of these are going to a friend.

Motif # 16 is an ugly piece of lace, done in a hot pink size 10 aunt Lydia cotton, and I really think this pattern would be pretty in a small delicate  size, 50 or smaller. it really is bulky and imo quite ugly in the larger stuff. It doesn't lay nicely, it doesn't shape nicely, it doesn't do anything nicely in the large stuff. maybe it was just the way I tatted it, but I really don't like it at all, but I will save it anyhow, it still goes in my sample book.

Motif # 17 is a little heart I thought I would try, I like the way it came out, it was my first heart, but I think I messed up the center, so I will have to try another :) Lizbeth size 20

Motif # 18 is really 2 very simple e-z p-z pieces, but I am counting both simple little things, a light blue butterfly and 5 petal flower together, because they are going on a card.  I am going to watercolor some leaves and then put them on the card I am sending to a friend, so I am counting them as one motif.  Light blue butterfly, and the flower is color 134, both Lizbeth size 20.

Motif # 19 is a pretty little bookmark, simple one, with white beads in the tail, part of an inside out challenge, I have the opposite bookmark just like it, it is colored on the inside and white on the outside, I just don't have it blocked,.  They turned out neat,  and I would have counted both of them together as number 19 if I had the other one blocked.

and finally, Motif # 20, is another Shuttle shape, this is a really pretty lime green, Lizbeth size 20, and I used size 12 bronze beads in the center,  I really really like this one and I am not sure what I want to do with it, but I am keeping this one, I definitely want to make something to wear with it, just not sure what yet.

sooooo, there you have it.  That is what I have been up to, along with all the other stuff :D I hope you enjoy browsing the pics,  as much as I enjoyed sharing them :) 

as always, happy tatting! 


  1. Lovely motifs and I love the colours they all look so lovely I dont know which one is my favorite.

  2. My goodness, you've been busy! I've learned something new about eggs... thank you very much! I think I'll share this one with the kids at school!

    I love everything you've tatted, but I think the shuttle shape is my favorite! Is it your own pattern? Looks like something I'd venture to try!

  3. yes Diane, the shuttle shape is my own I will try to write up some instructions, as I finally got a pattern that works decently with the stitch count :) and you certainly are welcome to use it all you like :) it is a fast and easy work up and really is a fun little piece. And isn't that egg a hoot? the chicken could have been stressed from the cold, she could be hormonal, she could be laying again after not laying for a while, she could be low on calcium, or she could just have a fluke egg, lol, lots of reasons, we don't give our chickens any medicines and hormones like commercial chickens, so, nature takes it's course and mistakes happen:) at least the chickens are all healthy so even without a yolk, if we wanted (which we don't) we could eat that shelless egg, lol

  4. Wow - lots here to look at!

    I like the beads in the Stumpy - I never would have thought of placing them like you did and I really like it.

    Gorgeous motif - the shuttle shape. That green is lovely with the beads.

    Love the holiday bookmark in green especially the tail. Very pretty!

    Your tatting is all beautiful!
    Fox : )

  5. Oh, forgot to say I am fascinated by that egg!

    I have never seen anything like that! Were there any more after that from that hen? Is this an anomaly that will never occur again? What's the scoop?

    Fox : )

  6. Wow, you have been busy!

    The brightly colored "Angels in the Snow" could be salvaged. You just have to take out that last ring. Since you've already cut the threads, you can simply pull out the core thread. Just insert a crochet hook at the last picot and gently wiggle it back and forth until the stitches separate and expose the core thread. Then use the hook to pull the core thread out. Once the thread has been pulled that far, you will have enough space at the base of the ring that you can pull the core thread out of the rest of the ring. If the shuttle were still attached, you could also use this method to re-open the ring enough to unpick the stitches. This is a good technique to know so that you don't have to give up or cut threads any time you make a mistake on a ring.

  7. I frog a lot of stuff, and I still may, or I might just put this as it is, minus the incorrect ring, in my sample book since it is a nice small size and still shows the pattern and technique. I was so tired, watching tv and not thinking, I didn't even consider correcting the mistake, I was in a DUH state of tatting... I have finished the pink and brown one, and it is pretty :D no DUH moments, lol. I always welcome your advice, never know when I learn something new, I have learned soooooooo much from the tatters here in the last year it is incredible :) ty :)

  8. Fox - ty :D I can't take credit for coming up with the idea for placing the beads there myself, I actually saw another tatter here do it (though I am sorry I have forgotten who it was)and I thought it was soooooo neat I was going to do it too ! I do remember it was someone recently excited to have gotten a mention about their etsy store, and they got a really pretty christmas book mark featured, the one I saw was red and green with gold beads. That was the one I said, wow, that is so pretty I HAVE to make one, and I used silver beads for mine.

    As far as the egg, it happens every now and then, but surely not often at all, this is the second in 5 years that we know about over the course of about 60 hens, and we have had some tiny eggs about the size of robins eggs too. we get a lot of missing eggs, in summer we have a couple little king snakes out there that leave the hens alone but snatch all the eggs they can... little boogers... still, the shelless egg is an anomoly and fascinating to look at I agree :)

  9. hey nice works Bree,

    I'm excited to see the angels in the snow finished !

    oh and I love Motif #20 ! its so unique...

  10. This city girl would freak out if I found an egg like that.
    All the tatting is quite inspiring and I love the white and multicolored bookmark! :)

  11. You worked really hard! Good job.
    As for the egg: I think the chicken might need calcium to form a proper shell, but I am not a vet!


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