Friday, February 4, 2011

Initial Pattern

Alright, Here is the initial pattern for "Journey" I named it that because I made it while on the road back and forth  to the hospital :)   I normally only use numbers and charts, so it is hard for me to write  actual written charts, though I can follow them, writing is another story.  Here is the hand drawn chart, and my attempt at a written chart, please anyone who wants to make, feel free, and I hope the written instructions are clear, feel free to help me if they aren't.   

Mouse over  and click to bring up larger picture, I made them large enough to see detailed number info :) much easier to read.

I wrote the pattern so the first 2 rows, the red/green row and the yellow row can be done without cutting thread.
 However, if you find  ending the first row in the middle of the beginning chain a pain as I sometimes do, please, start the pattern at the first scr,  I will indicate in  written pattern, and then start second row after cutting threads.

ch -  chain
scr -   self closing ring
p   -   picot
jp   -   joining picot
rjp -  reverse joining picot
rp -   reverse picot
dp -  decorative picot
rw -  reverse work

*Requires 2 Shuttles in either same or contrasting colors, your choice*

Start with small picot for tying off at end, or how ever you finish and climb to next row.
1.  ch 9, p, 3, small rjp. rw.
2. scr- 8, p, 8
3. ch 3, jp, 9, p, 9, p, 3, rw
4. jp, scr- 8, p, 8
 continue around until all 6 rings are  completed, joining the last ring in your reverse picot of the first ring.

if you are not starting with the chain, but cutting threads and starting with a ring, begin with number 2 and continue around, finishing off, then cutting your threads and pick a picot anywhere to begin row 2, tying on new threads.


1. ch 3, p, 4, p, 3, rw
2. scr - 5, dp, 4, p, 5
3. ch 3, p, 4, p, 3, rw
4. scr - 5, jp, 4, dp, 5
5.  ch 3, p, 4, p, 3, jp and continue around.

Here is where you can stop, so it looks like the one in my previous post, or you can add the border, which is what I am doing in most of mine, I like it both ways, but the pattern I intended to have with the border and really does give a finishing touch.


Pick a picot anywhere and tie on thread

1. ch 8, dp, 8, skip 2 picots and jp in 3rd, 
2. ch 6, dp, 6, skip 2 picots and jp in 3rd, continue this way until motif is completed. 



  1. It looks great, thanks for sharing!

  2. Looking good! Thank you for the pattern!
    Fox : ))

  3. Thank you for sharing this pattern! I love the name you have given it. And I admire your drawing ability-- I could never draw a diagram by hand like that.

  4. Thank you for sharing a lovely pattern

  5. I certainly appreciate the effort you put into hand drawing this nice pattern and writing it out! The drawing looks great and is easy to read.

    I went through the same process back in 1992 when I submitted a few patterns to a magazine. I sent them the tatted models (they kept them for photographing), paid me for them, and wanted me to write the patterns to publish them. But when I submitted the drawings (in colors) and used the number/dash system of writtten notation, it apparently was too radical for them at the time, and they didn't publish them. (Long story I hope to share in my blog.)

    Later on, when I saw Mary Konior's Visual Patterns book with drawings in COLOR, I knew I was on the right track! And now diagrams are encouraged! You did a nice job!


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