Sunday, February 20, 2011

Motif, Shawls, a Bag and a Goat...

What do they all have in common?
You get to see pictures of them all in this post!

Ok, first, Motif # 23, it is of course by our own lovely Fox, Abigail :)
Done here in dark blue and tropical blue, lizbeth size 20, and put on
a white tank top, I have it on my dress form for display:)

Next are a bunch of shawls I have made over the last year, I just haven't
gotten around to posting until now.  This first one is my newest one and
it was just finished this last weekend :)

The next are  3 little net shawls that look much better on me than on my dress form.
But they are wonderful when you don't want just want a tank top or you want a
little decoration etc, but they aren't adding warmth.

These next 2 are both triangle shaped shawls, and both have a nice finished edge
on them, and both are quite warm, on a chili day :)

Here is a nice craft tote I made, because I ... one love love love bags, and two,
wanted a bag with a zipper in the top for all the car traveling.
This little bag is pretty, and big enough to fit a craft book,
at least 2 skeins of yarn, and any needles or hooks etc I need.
I made box corners on and a boxed top so things fit in there nicely, and
gave sturdy handles, so even if things get heavy it will still hold up.  I fully lined
it with a green gingham print, and it is one of my favorite bags I have made
of this style so far.  I will have to post some other styles eventually.

And the last picture, the first of the babies to be born, we are
expecting 6 or 7, not sure, one of the females might or might not
be having twins.  This is our first  little boy this season, his name is
Artie, lol, and he is a cutie.  Here he is standing with a chicken, and he
is now 4 days old in this picture :D

With in the next 2 weeks, we will have like I said, either 6 or 7 of these little
cutie pots running around, lol!

Happy tatting, Bree.



  1. Love the Abigail motif!!!! Great color choices!
    And the shawls are really neat! :)

  2. Abigail looks wonderful! And lovely shawls. But, best of all is that sweet little Artie!
    Fox : ))

  3. I love goats!!!
    Actually, when I was younger I used to tease the ones that our friends had (heehee), but I still love goats just the same. Artie is so cute!

    Love the tatting and the shawls as well. I can't wait to try the Abigail pattern, and I wish I hadn't gotten tired of crocheting - there are some excellent patterns out there!

  4. Those last shawls look so warm and cuddly. It makes me realize that what I've made (only 1) is really on the small side. I like the way these wrap!

    My neighbor used to have pygmy goats and it was so much fun watching the babies play! You'll have fun!

  5. I love the shawls! Beautiful, as is the Abigail!

  6. Those shawls look beautiful I like the mess ones, I made a cardigan once in that pattern and when I went to make another I had lost the pattern.

    Abigail motif looks gorgeous and I love the colours you have used.

    Not sure about the goats, but he sure does look cute.


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