Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Shuttle Bling Give Away!

Who is feeling creative?! memememe! and youyouyou!
Afterall, isn't that the reason we tat, knit, crochet, 
make jewelry, and, BLING our shuttles!

One person in particular seems to have become our 
( picture borrowed from another sight, but so perfect)
and though she might guess who I am talking about, as many of you may,
I am not saying her name,  for I have put a package together for her
with some goodies in it, for  the shuttles she makes, for gifts and exchanges.

In celebration of her excitement and getting others excited 
about the fun of decorating our shuttles,
the beautiful work she does, of the warmer
weather, and Spring,I have put together a package of stickers, 
papers, napkins,fabric,and gems to BLING your shuttles . 
Two things I am not sending in the mail are the modge podge 
and any type of paint, simply for spill and mess factors.

There will be 2 prizes drawn, yes, that is 2 winners,
and our Bling Queen.  I wonder if she knows who she is.....
anyone else have any guesses?

Leave your comments from now until March 10 for the drawing! 
I will pick by random generator sometime during 
the day on the 10th of March to announce the winners :)

Only a few restrictions are required for this give-away...
you must leave a post on this blog, 
you must have a blog that I can visit and see who you are,
and you must have a way for me to contact you in 
the event you are the winner.
That means, no anonymous entries, no entries without 
established blogs please, and no entries  who I will never be able to 
contact if you are selected.

You do not have to subscribe to my blog to win, just be sensible please,
this is supposed to be fun :)


  1. You sure do know how to get someone excited about these shuttles. I know who you are talking about and I think she makes the most wonderful looking shuttles. This is very awesome and most generous on both your parts. Thank you.

  2. I want to be clear to anyone reading here, the "QUEEN" isn't giving anything away, she is getting something from me, she doesn't know who she is, or atleast I haven't said her name yet, but anyone is welcome to guess lol, I am giving the Queen and 2 winners the Bling package :D

    all comments are considered entries, so if you don't want to be entered, be sure to say so :)


  3. I am so a follower of your blog - love your posts!!

    And.... I'm about 99.99% sure of Ms. Bling Queen's name... it starts with a D? *giggle

    Thanks for being inspired!

    I'm pretty sure my email address will show up, but just in case: tatmaster (at) tatterme (dot) com (even if I'm not chosen, you're still more than welcome to drop me an email sometime! :-D)

  4. I'm guessing the Bling Queen is Marty! Have you seen her fabulous drying box? Blinging is totally addictive, and I'm proud to be one of many shuttle blingers!

  5. I know the Queen as well. I just have one shuttle since I'm learning to tat with a shuttle. But this would give me an excuse to buy some shuttles :) And everyone needs a good excuse, right?

  6. Wow. Such a nice idea for a giveaway! I have seen all the beautiful "blinged" shuttles, and think they are gorgeous. It could be nice to give it a try (although I honestly have no idea how:-)

  7. Oh I just love how the 'Bling Queen' herself has somebody else to call queen! I know who she is! I don't have one of her 'blinged' shuttles, but she has sent me goodies! She is most generous with time, talent and goodies! If I win this giveaway, I am going to 'bling some shuttles and then give them away in another giveaway on my blog! What a great idea!!!

  8. Am a follower of your blog and like it a lot. Am not much of a shuttle "blinger" myself, so don't count me in for the give-away, but I appreciate that you are doing this for others who do like blingblinging their shuttles. Very kind of you!

  9. Oh my a bling give away, love it!

    My guess is that Bling Queen is the keeper of books. :-)

  10. What a super candy prize, I am a follower to your blog and often visit, I would love to win one of your giveaways. I will post your giveway on my blog and link it back to yours.
    Have a nice day

  11. I do not have any blinged shuttles - have only looked on with longing. So I would love to be able to bling some of my own. You did say the necessary Time was included in the prize - right? (I am Dena)

  12. I'm the lucky recipient of one of her shuttles. I keep trying to do the same thing but one try every 6 weeks isn't getting me anywhere! Like Dena, I'm wondering if you're including TIME in that offer? :-)

  13. OOOh, I think I know who the Queen is. Somebody who's online name is to do with books. What a super giveaway - I've got loads and loads of shuttles which could do with a 'makeover'.

  14. Yes, please, enter me in your shuttle bling packs giveaway. If I were to win, it would be the "gentle push" needed to plunge into the bling pool.

    Hmm, the Bling Queen is either LLL Diane or Marty, can't decide between them. Both create such pretty shuttles!

  15. Whee! One more way to support my newest creative addiction! :)

  16. I am excited to know the name of the Queen :) I have no guess maybe cause I'm fairly new to the blogs world :) anyway you have done a great job in making me interested :P ;)

  17. Hmmm, I thought I had left a comment on this post...oh well, just in case, here is another. Please enter me...I could use the bling!! Wheee...

  18. Hmmm... I know who I THINK is the Bling Queen and have been the lucky recipient of some of her blinged shuttles. I'll be humming tunes from The Music Man for the rest of the evening now, if 'ya know what I mean...
    :) Ann


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