Monday, August 15, 2011

What I Do With It

In response to  Fox and Gina's posts, what do you do with 
your little tattings...Well, I have a side table that has a 
piece of glass on it and I put several little motifs under there to look at, 
and I have a container I put lots of things in for my give-away stash, some I stiffen and put 
on the tree at the holidays, and then some I simply frame for hanging.

Here are 2 pieces I have framed, one is  a crochet doily that I am showing, simply because I 
did not frame it in the normal way, I of-set it, and put the center of the doily in one corner.

I think making it visually pleasing and very striking for the style of doily ...
the second is of Shades Sun which we framed this weekend
and now have happily hanging on the wall :)

Here is the doily, done some time ago:
And here is Sudden Shade newly framed :)

I like to frame a lot of things and switch out the "Art"
from time to time :) I have cross stitch, pulled thread, water colors,
crochet, quilting, knitting, acrylic and oil paintings, drawings, 
and even several piees of tatting hanging on my walls :)

Happy tatting, Bri.


  1. I love the idea of framing pieces, and yours are beautiful! I used to frame a lot of my cross stitch, and I have one large crocheted piece that's framed. My mom, sister, and niece all have framed pieces of my tatting, but I've never framed one piece.

  2. A glass table top with tatting underneath - wonderful idea. I love how your crochet doily looks with the rustic frame. I am tatting round 3 of your shaded sun doily. It is such a pretty pattern.

  3. Beautiful crochet and tatting, lovely way to display them.
    Having a glass top table sounds a great way of showing your tatting, frameing is also another nice way, unfortunately we dont have enough wall space to show all my work, as I have a lot of cross stitch, so not a lot gets displayed.

  4. Great way to keep your work visible and I do like what you did with the crochet doily. I have a few things I tatted specifically to frame but haven't done it yet.

  5. Margaret, that is why you can do a few pieces, say an arrangement of 5, and you can swap pieces out so you can see different pieces, have others you have framed, but don't hang them all on the wall at once. Then it is nice to see different pieces of tatting, plus it makes the arrangement fresh when you do switch them out :)

  6. That is really nice! I love your ideas and your doily and new motif look VERY nice! I would love to see pictures of your walls sometime, they sound fabulous!

  7. Your framed pieces do look nice. The off-set crocheted doily is really striking that way. I've hung a few pieces but the biggest one on my wall right now is a picture of my tatting with shuttles laying on it. I like your idea of changing things up every once in awhile.
    "Sudden Shade" is a lovely pattern and is displayed quite nicely.


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