Sunday, November 13, 2011

Motif 10.11 and 12

I haven't been real busy with tatting in the last couple weeks, but I do have a couple things
to share :)  first 2 are on eggs, painted and will go on my egg tree,
I still have to put ribbons on these 2 ornaments for hanging, and a couple 
beads just to spruce them up, but here is the tatting :)

Motif # 10

Motif # 11

I was truly inspired by Rachel at the Piney Woods Tatter's yoyo ornaments
for Christmas ornaments, so I decided to do my take on them!
I picked out a few fabrics,

then I made yoyos in 2 different sizes and I put different buttons on them, 
some are shiny just for light catchers and some 
are snowflakes, I have some not made yet that are just pretty buttons, 

and then I am putting a ribbon for hanging on the tree and 
a simple but pretty little tatted edge on them, most of them have the same 
edge on them, but they really are pretty with all the different fabrics!
I think have 8 fabrics in all!  
I persent, Motif # 11...

I will have some with a white tatting, some with green tatting, depends on the fabric:) These 
just happen to be the first 2 :)

Happy tatting all :X  Bri.


  1. Oh, how pretty! Now I want to stop the projects I'm working on and make ornaments! Too many ideas, and not enough time...

  2. How lovely...I think I'll have to try some of those!!! What a fun idea!

  3. Very creative! Lovely.
    Fox : )

  4. Love the creativity too! Makes me want to yo-yo too!

  5. Are those real eggs? How are you attaching the tatting?

    I love the tatting on the yoyos. It makes them so much more special.

  6. The eggs are real, I painted them with acrylic paints and then gave them a good coating of top coat nail polish, 4 coats thick so it would harden them, letting each coat dry really well in between.

    Some eggs I use a bit of fine nylon to string through the picots, on these 2 I used a few dots of elmer's glue to secure the motifs in place first, then some fine nylon (fishing line) through them to gently hold them in place, and then if you decoupage over the nylon, you can't even see it. some eggs I use tatting string if I want the thread to show as part of the design.

  7. the copper egg still has to be strung, forgot to mention that :D sorry :)

  8. Great pieces! :)
    Love your yoyo ornaments! :)

  9. Gorgeous eggs, and your yo-yos look lovely,


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