Thursday, March 29, 2012

Doily Done...

Well, I have tatted, cut andI  retatted 3 times, now, 
and this is my 4th attempt at the 4th row....
I am not happy with any of the attempts, and the reason
is because I feel it is just too crowded. 

I feel that I may in the future do this again, but
on the 3rd round chains, put only 4 picots instead of 5 and see if that eases congestion,  or I may have to completely rework it all  together, not sure.  All I know is I don't care for it the way it is now.

Here is my 4th and unsuccessful attempt...
see how it makes it pucker?

so, here are my little hens and chicks, all cut off, poor little things...
and here is the final doily, just the first 3 rows, 
ecru, size 20.

 I am happy with the over all doily, even though it is smaller than I wanted, but it is still pretty :). I am counting this as
 Motif # 13.

Happy tatting, Bri.



  1. Too bad, Bri. You seemed onto something there. The denser round was forming a nice frame to the more open inner rounds. Nice try! A fair number of my efforts over the years have been trashed, but you sometimes you don't know til you try.

  2. I really love that final edge - too bad it just won't cooperate! I haven't tatted the bare thread patterns much - I tried it a couple of times and it was so wonky I've been afraid of it since. It's so pretty - but so disappointing when it just won't work. Way to hang in there and keep trying.

  3. Lovely doily, nice pattern, well done


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