Monday, October 8, 2012

Check me out!!!

I am now on facebook!  
Hooray, I am catching up with the rest of the planet, lol
I have finally made a facebook page for my blog!

I am going to be putting things I make on there, 
not just my tatting, but some of my 
jewelry also, hoping to make some sales for the holidays,
and maybe after too...

and, maybe draw some attention to my blog :)

sorry I don't have any pictures today, but I do have the link

I hope some of you stop in and click like :)

Happy tatting:)


  1. Remélem nem leszel hűtlen a bloghoz sem... Sajnálattal látom sok helyen hogy a blogot hanyagolják...
    Szép munkáid vannak...

    1. Not at all, Facebook is just a way of reaching more people, my blog is my first love :) but it is hard for me to reach a wider variety of people in order to sell things to, everyone already interested in my blog already has similar interests, whereas I have friends who don't have anything to do with tatting that read my Fb pages so it might be easier to sell some tatting to them from fb pages than my blog pages :)

    2. köszönöm hogy válaszoltál....

  2. I did manage to have a look, I am not on Facebook, really I don't know if to or not, I love your tatting items so I will continue to check out your blog


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