Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pottery -- Bowls

I have put up some of my pottery, though I haven't done anything as of late, we are still working on remodeling the 2 spare bedrooms, and hubbie is making one of them into a work room for me :D but we are ripping up the carpet and laying a new tile floor and taking out a wall, lots of fun stuff, so all the stuff from 2 spare rooms is in our living room, no room for new potting projects, but here are some of my works so far, hope you enjoy these.

This first piece is a slumped bowl, with
a very raw edge, the clay was simply
torn and manipulated until I was very
excited about the way it turned out.
I wanted the glaze to look as if it were
barely laying on the edge and just couldn't
help fut fall off the rim on both sides.

I added a table fork and knife for size...


This next bowl is the same concept except a bit smaller, and I used different glazes, I like to experiment with glazes to get diff effects.  On this second bowl, I did not tear the edges, I simply left them intact for a softer finish.


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