Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pottery -- Jars

I don't throw a lot, though I can, am good at it, and have several thrown pieces, they were all done on  a borrowed wheel. I have yet to have my own wheel.  I have my own kiln, lol, but not my own wheel, and I really do enjoy hand building, slab, and slump, coil, altered and piecing are all wonderful techniques I really enjoy very much, even when I had full access to a wheel I still didn't use it as much as I probably should have.  I like the unevenness of hand coiled  or slab and altered pieces, I find uniqueness in carving them out after building them up, or coming up with unique shapes and not knowing where they will end once you start them.  I have a wonderful pair of torsos that were done in coil, and I can't wait until I can put them  on the blog, but I have to dig them out, they have been carefully wrapped and put a way while moving things, soon as I find them I will dig them out and post them.

For now, Here are pictures of some  smaller jars both coiled and slabbed for you to enjoy.

My husband calls this one the melty jar, he says it looks like it has been sitting in the sun and the "pain" is starting to melt off the sides, lol, it is all coil and the bottom ha been blown out, and the top is squared off.

This one is actually a triangle shaped coil
jar, and all the designs in it are carved out as well as painted, they are little lilacs :)
The base is an unequal triangle, while the top is completely round and off centered. It reminds me of some sort of soft organic wine belly thing.

This one is neat, it started out as a rectangle slab, and  angled up like a pyramid might, then was rounded at the mouth, and had the nice flaired lip added, it is a bright turquoise with shiny black speckles on it, it really is a uniquie piece it stands 7 inches tall.

and these last 2 pieces are
simple coil pieces,
I am not really happy
with the colors on the piece
on the right, but I do like the
blues and purple of the
one on the left much better..
oh well, live and learn.

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