Friday, April 23, 2010

Pottery -- Goddess Figurine

This is my little Goddess Figurine, she is hollow in the center, and if you turn her over, she  can whistle and plays a really sweet humming sound, she is hand molded and hand carved, she fits perfect in my hand, and I really love her and how she came out.  I had 4 other people ask me for one, lol, so I made them up and gave them as gifts to those 4 and a couple friends, they all  loved them :)   I didn't glaze her, left her natural  and unfinished, I really like her this way :)



  1. Bri...I LOVE this! Do you have any for sale?

  2. I don't have any more made right now, and my kiln isn't set up, with all the remodeling I haven't been able to fire anything in about 8 months, but if you would like, I can start making a list and you can be at the top :) I have a nice little pottery shop in town where I can always fire, so we can get together and talk some more :) ty sweetie,very much.


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