Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bright and Bold Baby Blanket

I worked  for a family support center when I was in North Dakota and one of the things a few of us volunteered for a program where we made baby blankets to give out to new moms.  Many of the baby blankets I crocheted and knitted, for that program and other friends were always the typical blanket, in pretty baby colors with pretty soft baby patterns, always baby like, and  one of my friends and I were talking  and though, why can't you have bright and bold baby blankets! So I have made a few in fun colors and people love them, believe me, it is easy to spot your blanket on play date :D  I have given most of my blankets away now, for shower gifts etc, but here is one of the last ones I made, thought I would share... I plan on making more of these in many more bright and fabulous colors :)

mouse over and click to see a larger image if you want :)


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