Thursday, July 29, 2010


I am making some table runners, so here is a sample of the tatting I am putting on the edges of the first one, I will post pics of it finished when it is done...

I have a little cloth book that I made where I keep little samples I put of new things I test out... new ideas, new stitches, new motifs, little flowers or beaded pieces,  little things I see in a book or on a web site I want to keep a pattern of for later etc, to keep a record of the pattern and stitches.  I saw an old Victorian stitch pattern "dictionary" like this  at one point and thought it was absolutely wonderful, just old samples of stitches the stitcher had made and sewn into her book, so I decided a long time ago I would put samples in a little book of my own.  I haven't done much work in it in a long time, but here are just a couple pictures from my little book, with the new beaded motif from above newly added, with pink beads instead of the  greenish/blue ones.

I plan to eventually have samples of edgings and  and embroidery etc in there, I have crosstitch in there but didn't think you would be interested in that, lol

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