Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tats Finished

     Alright, I finished the bookmark, and I actually made 2.  As you will see, the pink / purple one, the one on the right, is an epic fail, it was the first attempt and I over blocked and over stretched and over everything in an attempt to make it what I wanted  also covering up a crappy tatting job.       
      I am just  frustrated with trying to force a pattern into a shape I think it should go when it isn't designed that way.  So, on the multi colored bookmark, you can see the results when someone else's  pattern runs into my stubborn preset minds eye vision of what I wanted the end product to look like.  I used the exact same pattern Jon so wonderfully drew, and I still intend to make in it's original form, and I made a copy and altered it with a few extra stitches everywhere until it came out to what I had envisioned. 
       Now that I can actually see what the difference is supposed to be like, I am ready to make Jon's beautiful bookmark the correct way :D and I will have 2 nice bookmarks to hand out to friends that are slightly different than each other. 

         Good tatting job                                  /                             Crappy tatting job


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