Friday, July 16, 2010

Shout out for an Etsy store

Some of you are looking for unique jewelry, here it is.  Pamela Quevedo of Merced, CA makes some very beautiful and unique jewelry.  It is hand made Needle tatted jewelry of all sorts and she has her own Etsy store for you to browse. I will post the link  a little further down.  If you are a tatter, you will greatly appreciate the beauty of her patterns for the art they are, if you are not a tatter you will marvel at the intricate patterns and the complexity and be astounded at the incredible jewelry she makes out of simple thread and needle.  I encourage you to browse both her blog and her store, she is a 30 something mother of 2, a very nice person via profile and blog, and a great artist imo. Here are a few pictures to wet your mouth, please stop by her place and browse all her wares, she really is very talented :)

Her blog called Needle tatting and Other Nonsense, and the  addy is   you can get to her Etsy store from there.

NOTE: The following images are her work, not mine, this is the work you will find on her blog and her etsy store :) enjoy


  1. Excellent referral, thanks... I was specifically looking for something unique for my lady!

  2. Thank You! I bookmarked her blog and love her work, I appreciate you posting about her. TY again. Really pretty stuff, I just don't know how she makes all those little knots, it's amazing!


  3. very nice, ty for the link

  4. Aw, thank you so much for the shout out and the lovely compliments!


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