Monday, July 19, 2010

SaturdayS Geocache

     We decided to geocache around town.  Those of you who don't know what geocaching is, it is sort of like a gps treasure hunt, but it is more about the hunt and getting out of the house and enjoying  just doing it than the actual treasure itself, it is about finding it and  seeing what others have left behind, it is about can you find the sometimes cleverly hidden little cache, sometimes near impossible cache, sometimes just a lazy walk to a new part of town cache etc, or a day at the lake cache etc.
     A cache can hold little treasures from plastic toys for kids to money and gift certificates, most often the valued cache by many hunters, myself included are the signature pieces.  Those are either hand made or little wooden coins etc with someones name, team name, handle etc and where they are from.   You can find pieces from all over the  country, and sometimes pieces from  other countries.             Some times pieces are meant to travel, meaning you find it in one place and it has a request to be moved to the next cache you go to.  so you sign the log where you are, and you  pass the cache along.
     Anyone who is interested in learning more about this, you can go to  the  geocaching site, that is global, and it is  free to sign up, you can get started, learn all about it, and even be surprised at what is in your very own back yard :) just please read the guidelines and always use manners, remember, it is a game and it is to remain fun. IF you take something, leave something, and never take more than one thing, and always pick up trash where you can.  

This one was in an alley we never knew existed in town, lol, driven by it a thousand times~ it was kid friendly, we took a small signature piece from Texas and left a beaded key-chain, signed log, nicely hidden, good directions :)

This one was a little walk, which was nice, we had just got done eating lunch and it was nice to walk off  lol, this was another very easy lvl one kid friendly, and since we were in town we weren't expecting a hard one :)  good directions, and good cache for  the part of town it was in.  Hard to hid things in town without all the street kids finding them and destroying them, so kudos to the hiders.  Took nothing, left beaded key-chain, signed log.

We did one other, but it is part of a state challenge, and it is a picture required cache, so showing the picture actually gives away the location, which is itself the hunt, lol, find 33 locations across the state and snap a picture of yourself at each location, sorry other geocachers, can't show that one, it gives away the clues and you don't get to hunt for it yourself :D happy hunting :D


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