Saturday, October 2, 2010

Grrrrrr- Kitties!

 2 days of tatting, dishes, laundry, tatting, vacuuming, tatting, folding laundry, more tatting, 

Point is, i wish I had all day to just tat and not feel guilty about not doing anything else :D so, when at the end of the second day I was this far along, I was tickled, and quite pleased the count was coming out right, I wasn't using a pattern etc.  I put everything in a plastic bag and up on a shelf, I thought safe out of reach.   none of the yarn or string or anyone of a billion toys on the floor were touched, here is what I came home to after shopping down town today..... and I know EXACTLY which one of the culprits were... 

It took me an hour and a half of pulling out stuffing from the dog toy, a piece of furry fabric, from something, I am not sure what yet but I think either one of the other pet beds or yet another toy, some bits of hair and string, some shredded paper was in there, one burr from the yard, and several knots, but finally I got it out. and with a ton of patience, and a sick feeling in my stomach the entire way, thinking, well, atleast I have more string  so I can always do it again, here is what I ended up with :D 

hahaha,  now all I have to do is find my needle , yes the little booger stole that too, lmao,  and I have put it away in a clothes drawer  for now until I finish it.  I used a piece of masking tape to get the little cat hairs off it, lol, man she is  asking to be kicked out of bed for sure, yeah, that'll teach her... (pffttt)


  1. Your persistence pay off. Glad you were able to salvage it.

  2. Glad you were able to save it. I am grateful I have no pets at all for times like that. Real pretty.

  3. You sure do have a lot of patience! The pattern and the thread are lovely and match perfectly.


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