Friday, October 8, 2010


Well, today was a long day, 8 hour drive round trip to my doctors... pretty good news all around, except one thing...... the tingling and numbness in my hands I was wondering what was going on about, is carpal tunnel (sp)  and though I am ambidextrous, my right hand is more dominate than my left and it is much  much worse, and I am in those funny little wrist braces I see people wearing all the time. 

     It was suggested I wear them for the next 10 days and not tat or knot or crochet, or anything else I would normally do, for 10 WHOLE DAYS! I am so distressed by this!  My husband caught me tatting in the back seat of the car on the ride home, and I felt like a child getting scolded for being naughty.  I have never just sat and done nothing with nothing in my hands before... always doing something while sitting... now I don't know what to do with my hands, it is a weird feeling.


My mother had surgery on both wrists and I don't want yet another surgery, so if I can do stuff to not have it, then  not doing something for 10 days, and then stopping when I feel the tingles is what I will have to do. Then I am to wear them off and on, when I do anything like the tatting or knitting etc.  The braces will slow the progression down, and hopefully stave off surgery for a long long time.

I did however get a little wooden box shaped like a book, to keep my shuttles in, I am going to decoupage it, and attach a little box in a complimentary color on top of that, like they are sitting out together on purpose, for my bobbins , they can then stay out and not be tangled and the cat won't be getting in them.  so I will take pictures of that project when I get it started, I am really tickled abut it, and since it isn't a repetative motion, maybe I can start on it in the next day or 2 :D

     I did manage to finish one more motif, so I will get pictures taken  of that and post it, then, it will be a little slower on the motif posting for  me, but as I complete them I will post them.
Darned it, I shall tat!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend and chin up :) happy tatting!



  1. Ugh - I think I have the carpal tunnel thing going on too. I have only had to wear the brace once in awhile, but lately I wake up in the middle of the night with a numb hand. Not good for our tatting, but to refrain is best for our health!

  2. Bree, I think you should listen to your doctors. You'd better take a 10 days rest than having pain for a longer period. Maybe you can use your time by reading tattingbooks and select a new project? Take your time and take care! Ingrid

  3. I really am trying, it is just very hard, ty for checking in on me :) I will keep reading blogs though and I love your new beaded earings Ingrid ! good job :)


  4. Please do follow your doctor's orders!

    I can easily empathize with your situation because back in 2002 I fell while ice skating (at age 58!) and broke both wrists. I had casts over my elbows, bent at an angle so that my hands sat in my lap. I didn't have much choice about not following the doctor's orders, because I couldn't do ANYTHING - although I at least could push the remote for the TV! LOL!

    I had eight long weeks to recover, and as depressed as I was, I also knew how LUCKY I was that (a) I didn't need surgery ((whew!) and (b) I had the doctor's assurance they WOULD heal, and he was right.

    I do get some stiffness and pain in them now and then, so I try not to over-do, and every so often I strap on the braces to help with support. But I'm enjoying all my handcrafts again, plus play piano. I never did go back to skating, though, which made me sad.

    So hang in there! It's natural to feel frustrated, but the time will pass!


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