Friday, October 29, 2010

Motif #'s 7-10

     Well, it has been a busy morning, along with the normal feeding all the animals, who always think they are starving (goats and llamas are just like cats and dogs in that department) and regular housework, I have been gathering the little give-away packages! I am having fun with  the couple little extras I have stuck in there, giggles as I give a secret away,   and I have decided to move the give-away date to November 10 instead of November 15...   But there is still a ton of time for anyone who wants to enter.  Some people will have to check in here to see if you won because all I have is a name, no site or profile to contact you with :D  but that is cool :)

Now on to what I have been doing  in the mean time;  I have been trying not to post a lot, wanted everyone to make sure they  saw info about the give away and the bead info :) but I have been busy busy busy tatting !

Motif # 7 is my own little design, and I made them with barrettes in mind, the kind you put a stick through with a bead on the end... I like the one without the split rings on it better, but I really like both and will keep playing with the design more.  the pink one was made to look like a rose with leaves on the ends. I will make more ecru designs and hand dye them.  the rose  motif is Lizbeth threads, and all are size 20.

Motif #8  This next one I saw, Fox from Tatology  had done and I really really  had fallen in love with it! I altered it just slightly and made it my own, and made a couple with different stitch counts, playing with the size of the hearts and number of hearts on each bookmark.

I like the smaller hearts better personally, but they both turned out nice. As you can see, they are already being used, lol.  the blue one is Lizbeth light blue, size 20, and then I hand dyed with a lavender purple on the edges of the hearts and the very centers where the  joining picots are.  it gave a nice visual on the actual bookmark.

Motif #9  This one is a similar concept to the hearts, except it is rings only and has picots.  I really like the way it turned out, and will be making a couple more of these.  I have already given a few bookmarks out to family members for birthday gifts, and they were very very well received.  One member put them back in the card and got them framed, and is refusing to use them, lol, that is alright with me, I just thought it was funny as I intended her to use them :)

The thread is Lizbeth falling leaves, size 20

Motif# 10  I really don't remember where I found this pattern, I have seen it on more than a couple sites on the net though, and it is an easy tat.  I altered the end and made the last chain straight, for a slightly different visual effect, and I added a variety of mixed match beads on the bottom.  the tail is also macrame instead of tatted.  it really is an interesting little bookmark :)

Thanks to Fox for an easy to read and understand tutorial, here is my very first piece of rolled tatting.   thread is Lizbeth 20

ty for the tutorial :)

SO, there we have it, busy busy busy :)  as always, have fun and happy tatting :)



  1. You certainly have been busy! The bookmark with the hearts, motif 8 are so nice. I envy you and Fox for being able to make such regular stiches. You are profs!

  2. Very nice - I like the barrette idea. Your bookmarks are great - I'm with you on the smaller hearts. You have been busy! More tatting than I got done this week :(

  3. Woo Hoo! Just look at that roll tatting! Way to go!
    Fox : )

  4. I love the barrette idea. That would look really pretty holding hair at the back of the head.

  5. Ah I need to try roll tatting!

  6. Your barrette motifs would look great in one of Chris Hinton's Tatted Shuttles over at The Tatting Forums!

    I love the bookmarks! What librarian wouldn't? I chuckled about the framing... my mom and sister have framed some of my tatted bookmarks... I'm too cheap! Besides, one can never have too many bookmarks (kind of like tatting shuttles and thread)!

  7. Your motifs are beauitful and I love the hearts they are simply brillant. Margaret

  8. I love the colors on #9. These are awesome! I wish I could do things like this! I miss seeing you in the room. It's life we are in at opposite times. I hope to see or hear from you sometime soon.


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