Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Next Wednesday, not tomorrow the 3rd, but next Wednesday is the drawing.  I wanted to post a list so far and make sure if you don't see your name here and you wanted to be in the drawing, you sign up :)

1.  Thr - Thresa
2. Deb in WV
3. Tattingrid
4. Tatterjil
5. TattingMarie
6.Jeanie - Jeanies world
7. Happy Bluebird
8. Red
9. Typs Tatting
10.  Bonnie
11. Hillside Threads
12. Sunlea
13. Fox
14. Tattips
15. Libby Hall
16. Cecilia Avery
18. Jane E
19. Surtel
20. Margaret
21. Elizabeth
22. Carol Lawecki
23. Diane - Lace Lovin Librarian
24. Victats
25. Tryana
26, Nalem
27. Decromona

Those are the names who signed up with "ENTER ME PLEASE" so far, if you  wanted to be in on the drawing, there is still time left to get in on the list :)


  1. Great Bookmarks. Please add my name.

  2. Could you please "enter me please" Margaret margarets designer cards thank you

  3. enter me please...thanks for a 2nd chance to enter.


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