Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas Ornaments

Each year I make a couple new ornaments to add to the tree, or to completely do the tree over with that year.  Last year we put only crochet snowflakes on the tree. The year before was a mix match of  ornaments, all hand made and I added a couple new ornaments I had made that year to add to the bunch, including some little embroidered and ribbon ornaments.  The year before I had made a couple little felt mice and their tails were the miniature candy canes, then when the season is over you take their tails out and eat them, replacing them with new tails each year to hang from the tree again.

    This year, I think I am making ornaments from felt again.  I have seen some really pretty things, nothing like the cute little craft mice I did a couple years ago, but the beautiful things like  Paulette makes at    *you can see her little felted items on the sides of her blog, absolutely beautiful!* and other things like:

{just for clarification, the following images are not my work, they are simply images I have found for inspiration, I will not be copying any of these and claiming them as mine, nor will I be copying any of Paulette's work and claiming it as mine, she has simply been my muse :)}



All of the above examples including Paulette's have really inspired me to make some fantastic ornaments this year.  I had done a bunch of mittens and stockings in the past but they had all been given away, this year, no mittens or stockings, and I am keeping every single one, (maybe one or 2 will get handed out) lol.

I figure a few of these felted pretties along with some beautiful tatted ornaments and we will have another wonderful hand made tree this year :)

Happy tatting , Bree



  1. I LOVE Paulette's work! I think decorated felt is fabulous. Unfortunately, I have no flair for it, so I'll just enjoy the pictures of what others create!

  2. I've loved the felt ornaments I've seen but I have trouble finding a good quality felt to use. These are nice. Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  3. I don't know if I have a flair for it either, lmao, this will be a first making them in this fashion for me, normally I make the little ones like the mouse, so I hope the pretty ones come out :D I can embroider well, I can bead well, and wellllll, we will see how these turn out, I am just so inspired by all the pretty ones I see, lol, wish me luck :D

  4. Those ornaments are really nice - and I love all handmade Christmas trees! I will love to see how yours turn out.

  5. very nice and it gives me creative ideas for christmas !


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