Saturday, November 20, 2010

Back Online

Hi all :) I am back online :) My mom is doing much better, she had a quadruple bypass, and has come through fine now, took a while to come out of anesthesia and get things on track, there were some problems and she still isn't home.  She has moved into a rehab hospital and will be there for 4 months.  Due to the problems with the anesthesia she has  issues that are stroke like, loss of the use of limbs, speech problems etc, but she didn't have a stroke.  So she is getting great care in rehabilitation to work on retraining her brain how to relearn how to eat, walk, use  a fork and spoon, dress herself etc.  Overall she is doing well, just not well enough to be released home on her own. 

Thank you so very much to all of you who sent your warmest wishes to me and my family, it truly means a lot when people care, when you are on such rough times. thank you.


I will be getting the Drawing packages out this week !!! yeay, finally :D ty all for being so patient.  I have all the addresses except "HillSide Threads"  Please contact me via email and give me your address for your prize.  If anyone is in touch with her can you please relay the message she won and needs to contact me or I will have to draw another winner.  I will do what I can to make contact first though, so if you are out there, please send your information if you still wish to claim your drawing prize :)

I have some pictures I will be putting up soon, not a lot of tatting, but some ornaments I have made, I did a couple while I was int he hospital with my mom, and these last couple weeks have just been super hectic, and because of the lupus and sjogrens, the stress of taking care of my mom has worn me out so I am  in and out of bed too now.  need to rest then I will be back to tatting again also :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving, and I will post pictures soon, happy turkey day  this week for those who celebrate, happy boxing day for those who celebrate and happy anything else to everyone else :D


  1. I'm glad your mom is doing better. Prayers are still headed her way and yours.

  2. Bree,
    I'm thrilled your mom is doing much better. You have to take care of yourself too. You are still in my prayers for both to get better soon.
    We will wait for you to do just that so when you feel up to posting your photos we can all give you wonderful praises on it all. Don't rush on the account of others..take the time you need right now. Everyone else can wait.

  3. Bri - definitely take care of yourself. You need some TLC after all this stress too. Glad to hear your mom is on the upswing. They'll take good care of her and help her return to normal at a good pace. Look forward to seeing your new ornamants!

  4. Glad your mom is OK. That's all that matters. Other things can wait, don't worry. Take good care of yourself too, Bree

  5. So glad to hear mom came through the surgery OK. Sorry to hear she didn't adjust well to the anesthetic - here's hoping she will outshine and recover in less than 4 months!


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