Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Ornaments

I have my first 2 ornaments ready to show you :)  first is the first of the felted ones I have tried.  I am pseudo happy with it, I have a lot more practice to do, and my husband really likes it, but it isn't nearly as pretty as all the ones I see online, lol, felt is certainly NOT my medium, but I am having fun with it :)

I may try adding flowers and such to the next one, but add a tatted butterfly or dragonfly instead of just all flowers, I might like that better, we will see.

Next one I really like and have 3 more already in the works, and am super enjoying making these.  they are reminiscent of the old fashioned beaded ornaments, and this first one has no tatting on it, one more I am making has no tatting on it, but another 2 I am doing will  have tatting on them. I will show you the first one I have completed, and believe me, the picture does NOT do it justice.

I can't get my second picture to load, so I only have this one, I will have to work on it, sorry.  but basically where the diamond is, will be shuttle shape tatting on the 2 that have tatting on them :) I will post when they are done, but each one takes for ever to put all the little beads and pins on, so I am not sure when I will get them done.  I do love this one though the bottom bead is a red white and blue striped with  a some white stars on it like the flag :)


  1. I love the beading on the ornament, brillant and the colours look lovely, the felt item is also lovely but my favorite is the ornament. well done Margaret

  2. Bree,
    Those are very lovely! Girl, with all you have been dealing with, it's amazing that you had time to do any of this. Take care of yourself & relax. Your work is elegant & a joy to see.

  3. WOW! Those are beautiful! I'm a fumble fingers with felt, so I won't even think of trying to make something like that. The embroidery details are amazing! And the ball... my fingers are sore just from looking at all those pins! That's sure to sparkle on your tree!

  4. Those are both gorgeous! It's amazing to think of the amount of time you have spent on these, especially with all the detail in the felt piece. Wonderful!

  5. Hey those are really nice!!

    You've got talent


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