Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Motifs number 11 and 12

Back to some tatting :) working  on a handful of bookmarks for a friend of mine, they will be going to Ireland, and I have 6 to send, so I am going to make  several and pick  6 form there.  I want them all to be different, so I thought I would include them in my motifs :)

# 11 is  Lizbeth size 20, color 656 and it is a pattern of my own that I have been playing around with and am still playing around with.

Motif  # 12 is  Lizbeth size 20, I don't know the color because I got it  on discount for damaged goods, it had been opened, and the  color  tag had been missing, so I got it for 79 cents brand new! that was the only thing wrong with it, and I love the color,  pinks, blues and dark gray, the picture doesn't do it justice.    Again, it is my own pattern,but basically it is just clover-leaves.   I am still adjusting the  stitch count, so it is a little sloppy, and this is the first one, but I hope to  get the second one  much tighter and neater :)

Happy tatting, Bree.


  1. Bree,
    Your design is very cool! I love the shapes & the look of it alot. You will get it to how you want it before much longer. The color is wonderful too.
    I'm not sure what the second one thread is but I'm sure some of the other ladies will know it. But it is very lovely too.
    Hope your holidays are full of blessings & your wishes come true.

  2. I really like the top one. It's a unique design, and very eye-catching. I like how the sides are different from the top and bottom. And I love the color you used, too.

  3. Lovely designs, Bree. Bookmarks are fun to make and you seem to be enjoying it too! Love to see new ones..

  4. Both bookmarks are very pretty! I especially like the blue one! There's something very appealing about the squared shape, and I love that the small motif seems to draw the eye to the larger motif. Fabulous!

  5. Bree,
    I might be wrong but from what I can tell going by your picture of the second bookmark & the book for Handy Hands the thread you used is Denim Whisper. But like I said I might be wrong. At least I tried to help you figure out what it was. Have a wonderful night!

  6. Your patterns are really nice! :)


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