Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all :)  Well, we made it to 2011, and my mom is finally out of the hospital!!!
She was transferred today to her new home, unfortunately and fortunately, a nursing home.  It is a really good one and it is only 45 min from my house, so that isn't too far.  I went and saw her tonight, but the 2 hour ride to her new home from the hospital had taken a lot out of her and she was sound asleep. 

I am going to take a big poster frame and take a bunch of pictures of all her pets, her partner, my husband and I and make a big collage of pictures of the things she likes so she can just see all those.  It will be better for her to have a nice large picture on her wall she can see than a bunch of little pictures in  a bunch of little frames all around. 

My mom has gotten the onset of dementia, which has settled in really fast, she never fully recovered after the anesthesia  from her quad bypass in the beginning of Nov.  Each time she has had surgery, it has taken just a little longer to come out of it, the last 4 times, (this bypass being the 4th,) she has come out of it a little slower each time, with a few residual effects each time, and this last time it just seemed to hang on. 

she seems really blissful in her "confusion" though, so that is one good thing.  she does say some really funny stuff though, lol, I just laugh and go along with her, haha, would do no good to correct her, and really, why anyhow, isn't a big deal :)  she has said every single day for the last 2 weeks that she has had roast beef and mashed potatoes for lunch and supper. lol, I just said wow, they eat a lot of beef there, she says, well, why not, it is afterall  cattle country! lol

She went in the bathroom and sat on the pot, mind you she wasn't trying to use it, she just sat there and her friend says, Marylou, what are you doing, she says, I am ready to go, her friend says, oh, go where, she says, well I got in the car, lets get outta this place!, lol, just as happy as can be, lol and when I was all proud of her walking on her own for about 15 feet I said mom, I heard you walked on your own, she says of course I did, I had to take the kids to their meeting! lol, she was still in the hospital, I said ohhh, well of course you had to walk then.

So, at-least she is happy, and that makes me happy :)  We got her all signed in tonight, and the staff was super nice, and the home was really really nice too, and seemed to be good for what she would need, and wasn't really large, so she would be getting attention and care she needs.  Now all that is attended and I know she is in a good place, we can pay attention to our things at home again, and get the stuff we neglected here for the last 2 months back on track :)

I have been neglectful in tatting, housework, and a few other things, but a lot of worry has been lifted, and things can be set right with the new year, so it seems with the washing away of the old year, so to has a lot of last years troubles been washed away. 

I hope everyone sees a beet of cleansing  or refreshing  coming in  with the beginning of a new year and I hope your hearts and burdens of the old year  have also been lifted, what ever they may have been :) I wish all of you a joyful family and friends and warm health winter season :)



  1. I'm glad your mom is safely settled in her new home. Hopefully you'll all settle into a less stressful routine.

  2. I'm glad to hear that things are looking up for all of you.

  3. Bree,
    Yes, I do understand how it is to deal with someone who has dementia. It's sad to see that happen to a love one in your family. Yes, it's funny with what they come up with sometimes. You are right on how you did those pictures for her to enjoy too. Homes don't normally have alot of space. But you are right she's in a good place & is happy there.
    I'm glad to hear that you & your husband will be able to get some normal in your life to. I love your attitude toward the past year too. So here's to things getting better for you!

  4. Just noticed this post, and I must commend you for your positive attitude. My MIL also has dimentia (age 87) and we are SO grateful for the 'home' she is in (assisted living). Amazingly she has no major 'health' problems, but she's confused and doesn't remember things. I can't believe all you've been through! We had nothing like your situation, yet all of us siblings were emotionally drained just making the decision. She is getting the best care, and we visit often. I wouldn't worry about the camera or tatting. Just get some REST!!!!


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