Thursday, February 10, 2011


Motif Number 22, finally got my Angels in the Snow back from the kitty, lol, it was under a piece of furniture in the other room, found it when I moved it to vacuum... rotten kitties.

Done in soft pink and mocha,  lizbeth size 20, I absolutely love this pattern :) I am putting this in my  needle work samples book!

and here is another "journey" this time done in light green and springtime colorway, both lizbeth size 20, I think this one is going in my  samples book also.

happy tatting :) Bree.


  1. Nice find! Both very pretty.
    Fox : )

  2. Great rescue. It looks completely undamaged.

  3. I love your color combinations! Someday I hope to find all the tatting my cat has hidden.

  4. oh Bree you tat such pretty patterns. I am going to try 'Journey' sometime and I will keep you posted :)

  5. Naughty kitties, but really nice work. I love the colors to. Thanks for the "Journey" pattern.


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