Saturday, February 12, 2011


Alright, I did it! I got caught up in BLING madness!
I went felt left out so I decorated 
my shuttles too, and here are the 
first 8 of them.  I am tickled at the results :)

I also wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful comments
you all leave about my tatting, and also thank you all who are 
trying out "Journey".  I really think it is wonderful
that I was able to create something that people want to 
actually try even if it is just a small motif to add to
the motif collection.  One of the reasons I like
having a group like this is to share your ideas and 
projects, and get inspiration, also it keeps your heart light
when things in life bring you down.  Everyone needs something in life
that can serve as a pick me up, and for some, it is tatting or other crafts, 
and everyone here knows, it really does feel good to share
your work and get feed back, to make others feel good, 
to see what other things people of similar talents or budding 
talents are creating or learning, and that is always
a natural high that carries on each day.  There
are so many creative and wonderful people that log 
in here and the motif challenge,  and I look forward
to seeing all you create each time I log in.  
Thank You. 



  1. Your shuttles are just lovely! I especially love the orange and purple on the top of the right hand column - soooo pretty! Oh, and the green one on the bottom of the same column . . . oh and all the rest too! I'm not ever going to bling my own shuttles because the time I have for crafting is already so full . . . Maybe when my children grow up and move out.

  2. I love your shuttles - they really turned out wonderful! All of them :)

  3. They're all so pretty! My favorite is the top right... love it!

  4. What a beautiful collection you've created! I hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed looking at them.

  5. your shuttles are beautiful as is your work - thank you so much for supporting our group and stopping by to comment... i love meeting new people!

  6. your shuttle maker looks lovely.

    your beautiful tatting inspires me to do more tatting.

    thank you so much for visitng my blog with your lovely comment.

  7. Beautiful shuttles, you have doen a great job on them,
    I agree its nice to get comments on our craft and shows other people appeaciate what we make.


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