Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a little venting from an internet addicted tatting crab

I am having trouble with the blogs I follow not updating all the new posts and I seem to be missing a lot of things people are posting, is anyone else having this problem? I am finding that say I see  a post from fox today that says 3 hours old, (just an example) and I go to look at it, I find 2 or 3 more posts that never have shown up on my blog scroll stating she posted anything previously, and I am really wondering just how many other posts of things I am missing...

I do love seeing what people post and make and I learn so many things  from everyone here and it is really sticking in my craw...

a real example, not made up  was I thought I was forgotten on the 25 motif challenge blog because I wanted to see my posts and anyone else who posted also, I always read that page, and never saw it come up, but when I went through looking under the edgings category, someone else had done an edging that day and I saw some things I was looking for right there...

who do I contact about this  lack of  what ever to call it, gah, I know I am  complaining and bitchy, but I love reading my blogs darned it... I don't like missing posts... what ever is an internet addicted tatting crab like me supposed to do without current information?


  1. Try the Blogger help pages:

    Hope you get some answers.
    Fox : )

  2. I dont know, but I have found the same problem today and I am sure if I wandered around I might find more I have missed. I too love going around the blogs seeing new things.

  3. I've had that happen also! It's especially irritating, because I don't want my tatting friends to think I'm ignoring them.

  4. I've noticed this off and on and tried to figure out if it was my computer or the one at work. It seems to happen more at home. If I notice the bloglist hasn't updated when I refresh the page, I go to my post page and enter a fake post or update the one I already started, save it, but don't publish, and then when I refresh the blog page, it updates. It's annoying and it's not consistent about when it happens, so I haven't pinpointed a problem to turn in. Blogger does have a "current issues" page. I think if you click on "help" at the top of your blogger page, you can eventually find it.

  5. You're not alone! I, too, am addicted to reading tatting blogs - as many as my poor, tired eyes will take in. And I have been noticing that a few of my favorite blog rolls have not been updating.

    Here is what I do:

    Google "tatting" - when the general search results come up, narrow the search to "blogs". (There are drop down links at the top of the Google search page. Choose "more" and then choose "blog" from the drop down menu.)

  6. PHEW! I thought I was going nuts!! I am glad I am not the only one lol :D

  7. Did not know about the phenomena, till my friend recently asked me why I do not post anymore! Well, I DO post, she does not see it! She even asked me if I removed her as a follower: that is th last thing I would do, but also something I do not want people to even think of me... Common problem, I guess....

  8. I don't trust Blogrolls because they aren't reliable. When I update the 25 Motif Challenge page I physically visit each and every blog. It's the only reliable method that I have found. I keep all of the other blogs I like to see in my favourites and visit them when I want to know what's going on.


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