Sunday, March 27, 2011

Motif # 24, hankies and wips.

We went to my mom's memorial yesterday, and it was nice, I wasn't planning 
on saying anything, just listening to the stories from her friends, 
but I did end up telling stories about her anyhow, it felt good to 
laugh with some of her friends about things she did and liked :)
It wasn't all religious and preachy, that isn't something
my mom would have wanted, she wasn't a real patient person 
when it came to sermons and lectures etc, lol, so this 
setting was much much more suited to her, just a bunch of 
friends having superb memories :) I think she would have been 
really pleased .

In my tatting land, I have been doing a little here and there, and when I saw
that Journey had done the first half of 
diff colors, I was in love with it all over again!
I have done this  half of the bookmark before and loved it but I always did 
it in just one color, or in one variegated color, but I really
like the way Journey did it here and I just had to do it for myself!
Without realizing it until after I had done it, I tatted in blues the same as
Journey had done it, and so I had to do another one,
(blue must just be on a lot of my shuttles lol,) so here are 
my two versions of the bookmark without the fold over, for my 
motif # 24.

all are Lizbeth size 20, the blues are  #'s 651 and 656, the 
green I am not sure of the green color but the coral color is 
# 628


Hubbie took me to one of the local antique stores  looking for shuttles, they 
sometimes get them in but no luck this time, however I did find 5 really 
pretty  hankies I just had to get!  
Though fairly old, they are in excellent condition.  They are 
really thin, and I just love the colors!  I will hand wash them 
and put them away for future projects, I am excited about putting
really pretty edges on these... 


I just love these!

As far as WIP's go, I have 2 of them, one is this little thing I thought would 
be just fun.  I found these heavy cardboard letters 
at the craft store, and some beautiful paper, while picking out more
for blinging shuttles of course, and I decided to bling 
a giant B for Bree, silly I know, more something you would do 
for a girls room than a shelf for an adult, but 
it is crafty and cute, and I will put it on a shelf in the living room
 behind the box where all my shuttles are.
In the large blank space on the spine of the B and on the bottom
of the curve, I am going to put some tatting, I just haevn't figured
out what exactly I am putting there, I want the beautiful paper to show
but I also want to  put some really pretty tatting on it, so I will 
have to play around with it :)

And my last WIP is a set of pillow cases with hand embroidery 
that I will be putting a nice tatted edge on.  I am going to use 
a pearl cotton, in ecru, I have had the cotton for several 
years already, but not used it for anything, 
and I think it will be a beautiful edge.
 I am going with a vintage look for the cases, and have 
a set of 3 already planned, just have to finish this first set, lol.

Here is the progress on the embroidery, but I left it jumbled so it will be
a nice surprise when it is all completed. 

As, always, Happy Tatting :)  Bree.


  1. So glad that you were pleased with the memorial... that is important, to know your mom would have approved. ♥

    Your motifs are so pretty - love the colours!

    What a treasure trove of hankies! Beautiful!
    Fox : )

  2. Sharing stories and laughter can help ease the pain of losing a loved one. That was one thing I really appreciated about my dad's memorial.

    Your hanky finds are fabulous! I'm sure you'll find the perfect edgings for them!

    Bling! I love your B. Maybe I should make a nice big D for my sewing room. Thanks for the idea! I see some blinged shuttles there. Has blinging madness taken over Tatland? ; )

  3. Your mom's memorial is the one I would like for myself. I think it's so much more helpful to celebrate someone's life, remembering the happy times, the quirky times, the resilience of human life.

    Out of the hankies, the pink and white one is my favorite. I love shadow embroidery and cutwork and applique. Those are the ones I always look for, plus drawn work and all white embroidery.

    Love your B. Works for my last name too! :-)))

    And you've got quite a bit in progress as well as done. Nice bookmarks - I just had a thought about them. I've not made one yet. Must be my turn!

  4. I'm glad the memorial went well - happy, fun memories are such spirit lifters.

    Your hankies are gorgeous! They will be beautiful with a tatted edge when you get to it - I have to remember to look for those when I'm looking for shuttles and old Workbaskets . . .

  5. Bree, Your Mom's memorial sounded nice. I appreciated hearing stories I'd not heard before at my Mom's memorial. There'll be laughs and tears - all part of the grieving and healing and it does take time. We'll always miss our Moms, but enjoy the sweet memories.
    You've got some great projects going and I look forward to see what you do with those lovely hankies. Good colors with those bookmarks. Blessings, Karen

  6. Your tatted motifs are gorgeous! Love the colors!!! :)
    And I love the blinged letter B ! :)


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