Monday, March 7, 2011

The Queen of Bling!

Welllll now! It seems we have a little 
contest going on about who is the actual 

(you can vote anonymously)
I am surprised myself, though I have seen some
beautiful shuttles from some 
really talented  people who have all 
been mentioned here, it seems that
though some share my opinion, who  the 
actual queen might be, is another story.  
Soooooo, here is what I am proposing!

A secondary giveaway, on the same day, so tell everyone, 
spread the word, even if you aren't in the first give away...

Vote for your favorite as to who you believe 
 is the actual
Just make a comment on this post naming 
who you think is your queen.
Not just who makes beautiful shuttles, for there are
some incredible artists out there like Lady Shuttle Maker and a 
few others, but, who has taken premade shuttles and 
just blinged them up!
Whether they traded them, kept them, what ever, 
vote for your favorite and the one with the most votes
gift of their very own!

That is 4 package prizes total, the original 3
(2 prize winners, the original queen I am sending 
the gift to, and the voted for queen of bling)

 Again, even if you are not in the drawing for the other  gifts, vote for your favorite shuttle blinger to name your QUEEN
and she will have to post pics of her prize!
tell all your friends, post on your blog for those who don't read mine, get your votes in, I won't  tally votes until 
Thursday Night....



  1. It either has to be Diane - who generously gives away most of her blinged shuttles - or Marty of Tat's All she Wrote - who must have blinged over 200 shuttles by now! I think I have to vote for Diane, just because she's given sooo many shuttles away!

  2. My vote goes to Decoromana, who posted a tutorial on decoupaging tatting shuttles. Without her tutorial, I never would have started. I hope to own one of her beauties some day!

  3. I've been lucky enough to swap "bling"ed clovers with a couple of different tatters, so this is a hard call. However I'd have to say Diane, Lace-Lovin' Librarian. She was the first person I saw to do the bling, the first person I swapped with and she helped me become addicted to bling-ing my shuttle also!

  4. Bree, I know I put your address some place really, really safe... I just can't remember where! Would you mind sending it to me again? Thanks!

  5. Oh my, not to slight anyone, because we have so many talented ladies who are so passionate about their shuttle decorating or shuttle making. You are all winners in my book, but for this case I was referring to Diane, Lace-lovin' Librarian.

  6. Well, we mustn't forget Wendy of Umintsuru - who started sending and trading blinged clovers of the new variety before any of the others. Then there were the modge-podged ones, a wave of them. I see Diane's the most and assumed that's who you meant, but there is a little group of them really. And I do have shuttles from both Diane and Wendy. Both fabulous. Both make me wish I could manifest another 24 hours in each day along with the energy needed to sustain it1

  7. I'm so new to tatting that I wouldn't have a clue who to vote for! Although, I am fascinated by all the ways there are to bling a shuttle. LOL


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