Thursday, March 10, 2011


Winners have been picked, and the Bling Queen by consensus, both by vote and comment alike is Diane , our Lace Lovin Librarian! she will what she wins  for the bling prize.

As for who I had in mind when I originally thought of as the bling queen, and was planning on sending the extra package of goodies to, for all the shuttles she makes and sends to people for gifts and exchanges, again, that would be Diane.  I never had any intentions slighting anyone, but I know she gives a lot of her supplies away and is so prolific in making things for people and trading them off and is I wanted to say hey, we all appreciate it, don't ever stop making  them.  So, she will be getting one of the 3 goodies package

I used to roll and the winners are




  1. Thank you! wow, I didn't imagine I would actually win (as crazy as that sounds) and had a really crappy day yesterday, so this news is a super-great way to start the day!

    Skipping back to bed to dream of bling...

  2. I feel honored!

    That said, how about all of us being called Bling Princesses? There are so many wonderful ideas out there, and I love seeing what each and every person does. I have been greatly encouraged and inspired by all my tatting/blogging friends. I never would have started or continued without everyone else's support. Besides, it seems to me that queens have all the responsibility, and princesses have all the fun! ; )


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