Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Something for a friend

I have been working on some things for a friend, much of it I won't 
be posting, because I want it to be a surprise for her...
but I will be putting up a few things here.
I already have a small package put together, but I want to include 
a few pieces of tatting and I have my first bookmark ready to go in the 
package, and so I am sharing that  here today.
It is of course a piece that has become one of my favorites to tat, and is
the first half of Jon's fold over bookmark, 
I have done it so many times now, I don't even read the pattern any more, lol.

Here I have done it in Lizbeth size 20, leafy green, variegated, and white.

I really hope she likes this one, I think it turned out really pretty, like little white 
flowers sitting in the grass and leaves :)

Ok, the next pic I am posting here, is the center to a doily I have started, but I 
and not continuing on with it, I don't like the way it has turned out.  
I do like it as a center, and I do like it as a motif, however
when I tried adding different things for the next row, it just kept being complicated and 
was very frustrating.  I cut and frogged several times, so I decided it was time to
stop and try something different.  I have stuck this under my glass 
on my table top and it sits there looking pretty with all my other samples, 
but alas, it is not destined to be a nice doily afterall.

and finally, I have designed my very first egg :) I want to buy the book that
Tatskool is using, she is making some beautiful eggs,
which you can see here on her blog ,  but for now
I am going to just have to put rings and chains together and fudge my own :)
I don't think they came out too bad, I am not sure if there is a standard size
for a typical egg, but I really am happy with mine, and I probably won't 
be making any more right now, pretty soon it will be time to move on to 
tree ornaments, I have already had requests for little sets... weee


Well thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the pics :)
and as always, happy tatting :)


  1. The bookmark is beautiful, I especially love the tail with the green "swirling" around the flowers. Lovely work!

  2. I love the way you've adapted Jon's pattern to make it your own! I'm sure your friend will treasure her new bookmark. I have also tatted center motifs and given up on the next rounds. Sometimes a pattern just doesn't work to my liking.

    Designing eggs now? Good for you! I look and look, but I have yet to tat an egg. Maybe I'll get to that point some day. Until then, I'll just enjoy yours!

  3. I do like the way you have tatted the bookmark - very pretty shape and colour. Nice gift.

    All the tatting her is lovely in the threads you have chosen. Whereas Diane loves the 'blues' I am partial to the pastels and the pinks!
    Fox : )

  4. and I am partial to greens, lol

  5. Yes, the green and white in the bookmark give a very nice effect. And as for the center of the doily that you did not like: I see a real nice snowflake in it! It is OK as it is. You mention that it is the center of a doily, it could have been a separate pattern as well. No problem there! It is good as it is. Would love to make it in white for the Christmastree!

  6. Ingrid, you are welcome to play with it and alter it to your needs if you want to make it for your tree:) I don't have it all worked out, and ty for the compliments, and as an ornament in white it would look pretty.

    the inner rings are all 6p6, the chains are 6p2p2p6
    next row, all chains are 8. all single rings are 6 jp6 or 6p6 and all cluster rings are 4p4

    I think some of those numbers could probably be played with a little, and when and if I remake it, I probably will play with them a bit too. alter it how you like and have fun, I would love to see what you come up with :)

  7. I love your bookmark, what a pretty pattern and the colours look lovely, I like the way you have used the white with the green.
    I like your pink motif, I can see its hard to add on unless you do more motifs and join them together to make a doliy.
    Yours eggs look lovely too,


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