Friday, June 3, 2011

How I Attach It

Here is a hopefully helpful exert on how I am attaching
my edging directly to my hanky :) it is hard to take pics one handed, 
I hope this helps though :)

I start off with my hanky on the out side, or the left side of where it needs to be attached, since I tat right handed.  I am ambidextrous, but I tat right handed most often.

I wrap my thread around my fingers,
how ever you do it, to begin my ring, and begin.

when I am ready to attach it,I count my
little holes, and use use my pick, hook, etc
to pull my top thread through,
note, this is not the core sliding thread.
this is the one that makes the knots.

gently pull through, and if you don't have
enough room to put your shuttle through, you can always make enough room by making
your loop larger, just like when tatting
simply enlarge the  loop

put your shuttle through, making sure your
thread didn't twist, you can test this easily by
moving your index finger and seeing which
thread  pulls the loop smaller

take notice of where my first 4 double
stitches of the ring are sitting on my ring
finger, I am holding them
right at the edge of the hanky, this is
important  during this step and the next couple
when attaching directly to the hankie

using your index finger, pull your  loop closed to secure your  ring to the hankie. again, notice
I am holding the first 4 ds above the hankie.
close this loop gently, this will not be a tight
close.  you will be required to hold this until you
secure it with the next ds.

You can see here it is not a tight close, the picot is left loose, and my previous ds are still sitting on top of the hankie.

while holding them in place, now secure
them in place with your next double
stitches.  and close your ring where

After I am done with that, I turn my work, and begin on the next chain...

and that is how I do it.  I am not sure if others do it differently, and I hope the pictures were clear enough :)  I hope this helped :)

Happy tatting, Bree.


  1. Well explained and illustrated! Thank you for posting this.

    I am ambidextrous at a few things, but not all. I write with my right hand and learned to tat with the shuttle in my right hand. When I needed to teach a left-handed friend to tat who wanted to hold the shuttle in her left hand, I tried it. I was surprised at how easy it was. It is nice to know that I can switch hands if I need to do so, but since you can't switch back and forth in the same project, it is easier to stick with the method I learned first. How about you?

  2. Eliz, though I can shuttle tat with my shuttles in my left hand and it isn't difficult, I normally have them in my right hand because I am self taught, and learned most of my tatting by looking at vids and pics online, and I don't ever recall seeing any with shuttles in the left hand, lol, when I was learning, I mimicked the vids before I actually got the hang of it, then it was sort of habit. when I shuttle tat, I use both hands just about equally, but slightly more often tat left handed. I was used to Macrame and other knot tying, and knew that I had to put double, or full hitch knots on the needle, and pull the tail through, as for the details of the making the patterns, that is where I went to the books . It was comfortable for me to put the knots on left handed, since I macrame left handed already :)

    Hope that answers with out too much rambling, lol

    Happy tatting :)

  3. This is an excellent tutorial! Thanks for going to all that effort!

    In reviewing your blog, I'm amazed at the farm photos! I can't even keep my house and yard under control, let alone a farm with all those animals and the work involved! I don't even have a dog or cat, so I admire your love of animals! The llamas are so cute!

    You also are expert at crocheting. and it seems to me that you tat holding your forefinger up. That's how I tat, so I was just curious.

    I also want to send my condolences on the loss of your mother.

  4. Kathy, thank you so much for browsing through all my blog :) I love my animals, they are so wonderful! I really need to take pictures of my new goats, I now have some minature and dwarf babies, and they are so fun to watch, and my llamas are grown and jump all around having fun. I have about 30 chicks running around the corral, waiting to grow up and replace the coop hens and others are going in the freezer, lol.

    Yes, I hold my index finger out, that is how I tighten my stitches, I hold my work with my thumb and ring finger, and I wrap my shuttle thread around my pinky :D

    lol, I have tried to hold my work in my index and thumb, and tighten the stitches with one of the other fingers like I see so many other people do, I just can't make it work, lol

    I love crocheting and knitting, and I am even learning to spin my own fiber, I have a great friend who lets me use her spinning wheel. I still am not really great at it, but eh, I do alright, lol I don't do really fine fingering, or lace weight thread, but I do excellent sport and heavier weight.

    Ty for all your comments :) and happy tatting :)

  5. Brilliant tutorial, I am a self taught tatter from a book, we did not have the internet 40 years ago, I hold the shuttle in my right hand and the thread in my left, thats how the book did it,I really enjoyed your tutorial with great photos and very written thank you for sharing.


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