Thursday, June 2, 2011

Still Here

Yes, I am still here :D  I have been commenting on blogs, and reading 
all the wonderful blogs  and projects everyone has been doing, but 
I haven't been doing much recently, some family business I know
you all aren't interested in, and I haven't been feeling well recently, I have 
lupus and it wears me down from time to time, especially when under stress. 
But hopefully things are  smoothing out, so, that is just life :)

I started a new project, while I am trying to decide on exactly the perfect 
edging for the hanky Diane sent me, the green and off white one, I 
have started on one for a friend in Australia of mine named Paula.

Roxy got her package of all her little goodies and absolutely loved them and I am 
really tickled, and now it is another friends turn to get a couple things :D
I really love giving gifts to my friends, really warms my heart .

Hear is the start of a hanky for Paula, this is just the first round of the edging, it has 
2 rounds,  and I will post pictures of the progress.

Lizbeth, size 20, the color is called shell, or seashell, something like that, but it is 
number 114.   

if you want to see a pic of the edging, this is  the  url,
 scroll about 3/4 of the way down, and it is in a group of 4 pictures, it is 
figure number 37.  I wish I had a better image to show, but I will when I get more 
accomplished on my hanky :)

Happy tatting, Bree.


  1. Very pretty thread! I looked up the picture of the pattern... it's lovely! Maybe I'll look at some of those antique hankies for my next project. I hope you're feeling better today. Hugs, Diane

  2. Your edging will be beautiful! I forget to look at the Antique Pattern website at all those patterns.

    I really like the soft variegated thread color with the solid white hanky.

  3. Ohhh...I am very excited, my Grandma used to have that book, she loved it! I don't know what happened to it, because it's not one that I got when I received her tatting books...but yeah!!!! Thank you so much for posting that link :-) Love the edging too...definitely want to try several from that book :-)

  4. It will look beautiful in that colour, its lovely to receive or even send gifts, goody bags are always welcome.

  5. Perfect colour for the hankie. I don't know how you attach this so well as you go - it never works well for me at all!

    Hope you are feeling much better soon.
    Fox : )

  6. aww, thank you all so much :) Fox, I found when I tried making it and sewing it on after, I completely messed it up. I thought I had the number of repeats right, and I ended up bunching up the edging, and then it looked ruffly, I was so disappointed. I will post a pictorial next of just how I am attaching, to try and show just how I am doing it, I can't promise it will be a good one, as I have never done that, but I will give it a go :D

  7. I love the color you've chosen for the edging--it looks great!


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