Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Motif #3 and # 4, second round.

 Motif number 3 is a lovely bookmark I found at 
and written by Dianna Stevens, 1997
(I originally had the wrong link posted, I am looking for a link to the pattern)
It is a fairly easy pattern, and  comes together in just a few hours.  
The color is Lizbeth vineyard and complimentary color, I forget what 
the color is, size 20.

Motif # 4 is a piece of lace edge I am working on, I have quite a little bit 
to do still, I need a couple yards of it.

I have found this on several sites, with several people laying 
claim to be the originator of the pattern, so I don't know who to 
give credit to. however, I did take a little bit from each 
pattern and made the stitch count my own and changed just a little bit 
for myself on the part leading to the single scmr on the points.
the color is Lizbeth, spring green, and it is size 20.

As always, happy tatting, Bree :)


  1. Love that lace edge - very pretty and a great colour. Would be perfect on baby socks...
    Fox : )

  2. The bookmark is so pretty, I like the color you used too. I looked all around on the page you listed for the pattern, but I could not find it. Could you send me the link, I'd love to tat this pattern? Thank you so much, clawecki at gmail.com
    The bottom pattern is one I have seen before, several places, I do think it is in vintage books.

  3. I love them both, Bree! I hope I remember to come back and look when I get my Internet back next week!

    (Posted from Barnes and Noble, a half hour from home)

  4. Like Carol, I think this is a common vintage pattern, with several minor variations.

    Love the bold and beautiful bookmark!

  5. Well done on the lovely tatting designs, my grandmother used to do tatting but unfortunately I never learned from her. Great to see the skill alive and well, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on my blog

  6. both are beautiful; however, your lace is stunning. Not sure what your pattern is ... it is just beautifully tatted!!!

  7. Thank you all for such wonderful comments :)

  8. I pinned it on my blouse today and it is beautiful, the perfect color and the perfect size, I am more than halfway done, so hopefully I will be able to show you soon :D

  9. Wonderful bookmark and nice edging! :)


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