Sunday, June 26, 2011

Motif # 5, and First Cluny

Alright!  Believe it or not, 
this is my first cluny!!! I have not attempted them 
in my work before, I don't  know why other
than I am a chicken and thought
they would be really hard
and, well, for my hands they sort of are.
soooooo, I am working on a little 
cluny loom, I just have to put it 

My hands hurt way too much to make more than one at a time.
I have cysts in my joints right where my fingers
meet my hands on the palm side of the finger, and 
they really got sore after a short while, so I am going to see what I can come up with.

For now, here is my first, cluny, and I am rather proud of it, and made it into a little motif, and if you scroll down, you will see what I did with it.  This motif is NOT motif number 5, but if you scroll
down to see what I DID do with it, you will see # 5 :D

Yup, sneaky me, I am going to make you read to know what the pictures are this time :D

First Cluny for Bree!


and HERE is what I did with it...

Motif #5, second round
the color is lemon yellow variegated , and it Omega size 30, the grass is spring green lizbeth, 
and the butterflies are lizbeth, just 3 random colors I pulled.  I put them on an egg, yes, another
real hens egg from our farm :D, and strung a pretty bead and ribbon.



 Hope you all enjoyed, I look forward to trying these again sometime in the future, but not at this moment, lol :)

As always, happy tatting :X 



  1. Very nice cluny! And lovely use of it too. I need to try clunies sometime soon.

  2. That's a wonderful 1st cluny. I can't tat them, even with a loom, but I can cluny by embroidering them. funny. Unique way to display your motif.

  3. Looks great! Congrats!
    Fox : )

  4. I applaud your perseverance in searching for a way to continue to make clunies. It certainly wouldn't be fun if your hands hurt! I tried a few, but I certainly haven't perfected them.

    I love the way you used your cluny as a leaf, and then attached the flower to a 'home-grown' egg! Very clever, and colorful!

  5. Oh pretty. A nicely shaped cluny.

  6. that is a GREAT cluny! much better than my first (or recent) ones... your so talented!

  7. I am the same as you I have never done a cluny, always thought as you, now you have done one I suppose I better try one. I love you flowers and the leaf is great well done on your cluny

  8. Your Cluny is fabulous, and I love the way you've decorated the egg!


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