Friday, July 8, 2011

Still Alive and Kicking

Been off line all week,no tatting to show, but I did want
to tell Fox thank you, I got my package 
and it is beautiful!!! I have to take pictures and
post pictures of the beautiful little piece of tatting 
she sent me! It really is very very pretty.  I am 
actually putting it in one of 3 frames I have
and putting it on the wall with 2 of my pieces :)

The reason I have not been here all week is I have been 
busy busy busy sewing, I have so far made 3 new dresses,
well, 1 from scratch and altered 2 others, and I 
have fabric to make 2 more from scratch, and plans of 
altering 3 others.  I am shortening some hems, taking in seams
updating some... going through closets, taking out winter
clothes, clothes that don't fit, I don't wear, etc.
It is just too expensive to buy a whole new wardrobe, so
I am making one, lol

I got the lace attached to my new blouse and finished
that project, and am so tickled with it, and
making my clothes to fit, they look so much better 
on me than just hanging or bunching up too.
I always have to alter the patterns though, lol
I have to make a size 16 for the (boobage) area, and 
then take the rest of the pattern in back down to 
a size 8-10 .   Which, anyone who wears dresses
knows, you just don't get that sort of custom fit buying
off the rack in the store :D

Now I don't look like I am always wearing a skirt and a 
tucked in shirt, or the top is super tight and I am 
squishing myself or duct-taped myself to fit in....
hate that.  Yet, I  really like dresses. 

So, there we have it, no tatting, but busy sewing.  
and just so we don't leave without a picture today, 
I will share one from my stash :D

A picture of my husband and I, I look chunky, please don't be too harsh :)


  1. I, too, love wearing dresses. I much prefer them to a pair of jeans when I'm at home--especially in the summer. I need to go through my closet again and get rid of some things, but I'd rather tat. ;) Have fun!

  2. Bree, Dear, as if you hadn't noticed, there are a lot of us "chunkier" than you, myself included, so you look LOVELY!! Nice to hear someone still sews.. I miss it sometimes, but don't have room at the moment. We'll watch for tatting from you whenever you have time! ~Tatikan/Sher

  3. I can so relate to the sewing obsession! However, I don't like to alter or hem clothes - I just end up sewing all sorts of bags and pouches and quilt blocks. I'm not much of a dress-wearer either, but they are cool in the summer :)

    And you look terrific, silly!

  4. I've been making friends with my sewing machine again also! I've been inspired by daughter Joanne, who is making a quilt. I need to catch up to her! Chunky?! Not in my opinion! Happy sewing, tatting, etc.

  5. What a wonderful smile! So nice to put a lovely face to the name. Hi!

    And thank you for the kind words about my tatting...*blush*. : )

  6. I think it's a marvelous photo!

    I used to sew all my own clothes. I'm not that fond of dresses because I had to wear them, always, until I was an adult. School and work were different back then. I do like to dress up now and then and I do have a few summer dresses I love to wear at home. My problem is the opposite - too much in the middle, even when I am thin my middle is big comparatively. My arms are short and my legs are short. It gets so tiresome altering and remaking so I've learned to find certain styles that bypass all that. Not that I don't still look longingly at patterns and dream but I don't have time for that kind of sewing anymore. I just got a new machine that I'm still learning to use.

  7. What a lovely couple you make!!!! Your work is marvellous.


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