Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Motif # 6, and pattern

I have been busy whipping up new bookmarks for 
gifting, just simple little things with 
little ribbons in the centers.  I have 
already given out all the little bookmarks I had made, 
so I had to whip some up to give out, lol.
For some reason, these are my husbands favorite.
These vary in thread size from 10, 12, and 20, from brands
aunt Lidya (sp), to Lizbeth
the pattern is just an simple vintage pattern, but I have included
a drawing of the pattern with the count  I used in the bookmarks
for anyone wanting to make them the way I did :)

Happy tatting :)


  1. Bookmarks are a great gift! I can see why your husband likes this pattern. It's simple, but very prett!

  2. Oh, good! I was almost despairing that I had nothing more simple to make today, and was about to give up on my bracelet pattern attempt... I think I might try this as a bracelet! We'll see if I can get it done tonight :)

  3. You did a nice job on the drawing, too, Bree. I've got some new tatting students who will enjoy having this pattern. I'll send them over.

  4. this pattern would make a pretty bracelet, with beads in the center or a ribbon, make the ribbon longer and use it to tie on the bracelet :)

  5. Eliz, please feel free to make photo copies of my drawing for your students, or have them print from my blog, this is not my own pattern, nor is it copy righted, it is just a simple chain and ring pattern, I only posted the stitch count I used. Anyone could have used any stitch count, so it really is not a design I made, and I feel no one is infringing on anyones rights to use the pattern :D. pluss it really is easy for students as a beginner pattern, simple rings and chains. so again, feel free to copy it for your students :)

  6. Beautiful bookmarks, they make lovely simple gifts.

  7. Wow! You have been busy! Those are great colors too! :)

  8. Love the look of tatting, although it is not something that I have tried to master. Thanks for dropping by my blog and for leaving a comment.

  9. Hello Bri, I recently signed on to this blog. I really enjoy it. I'm a fairly new tatter and I've started your "simple" bookmark. It's so pretty. I am a little confused. When I round the corner, how do I + that picot that's across from the last one? Is it done in two pieces and attached as you go, or is there a way to do it all at once and pick up that first ring on it's side picot.


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